Saturday 17 December 2016


Hey Lovelies, some serious rebranding and restructuring of the HND universe is going down this following week, during the Christmas Holidays... If you see any unicorns prancing around or dinosaurs stomping their feet, please don't panic. The cute little pink house fairies I have helping me clean up will find them all and put them back in their right places. 

I am so excited to start off 2017 refreshed and new... The end of 2016 has been quite difficult for me, you have probably noticed that by my lack of posting and creation of videos. I am going to be getting my life sorted and back on track in 2017 and starting off fresh and revamped just seems like the way to go! 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and safe New Year!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who have supported and encouraged me to keep going in 2016. I love you all so so so so much, words just cant describe it. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you....
Love always, 

Thursday 1 December 2016


Hey lovelies, so today I am doing a little review of some Dew Drop Momento and Versa Magic inks. I have heard they are awesome for planning and I needed some more colour for my planners, so here goes. Tell me what you think and which colour is your fave?

I got these beautiful things from a UK site called Buddly Crafts. They have super awesome prices and the shipping is very similar to the national parcel post here in Australia so it was a total win win for me. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Thanks for stopping by guys, 
Love you, 


Hey Lovelies, you all know how much I love pink... Well, today I get to use not only pink, but all the beautiful bright funky colours that come with the Addison Collection by Bella Blvd. I love how youthful and bright this collection is and I cant wait to spread it throughout my planner!! This project was for the beautiful Olga at Sassy Scrappers, where you can buy all of these beautiful pieces from. Yes they are still all in stock!

By now most of you know my planner layouts... I always decorate top and bottom with paper and washi. This layout I got to use the delectable washi from the Addison washi tape booklet. I just loved that pink and black gingham. I also got to use some of the Oh My Stars collection by Bella Blvd as well. 

This week was especially fun because I was able to document a night that only occurs once every four or so years. Most of you already know I am a HUGE Delta Goodrem fan and this week marked her concert night!! Just a side note, the concert was amazing and I danced so hard and sung at the top of my voice for over two hours.. So much fun catching up with my Delta friends. 

Below is the cute insert I made for this week. I always like to include a little insert into my planner pages and this week I was once again celebrating the Delta concert. Her newest album is called Wings of the Wild and absolutely amazing! You seriously need to get over to itunes and grab it now!! Wings of the Wild, feathers, get it?

I would love it if you would go and check out the process video for my pretty planner page. Hopefully these planner processes will become a weekly thing come 2017. I have purchased a brand new planner and I cant wait to share it with you all!!

Thanks so much for checking in guys, be sure to jump over to Sassy's to grab the best products ever!! I will be back super dooper soon with another Sassy project and process video. 

Love you guys,


Hey Lovelies,

I am back on the Felicity Jane blog today with a little how to Happy Mail!! I am in LOVE with happy mail and loaded pockets at the moment. It is so awesome to see how styles of happy mail change over time. 

The loaded pocket happy mail originated from a brown paper bag, with pockets added to the front and filled with heaps of bits and pieces. I totally didn't understand this concept when I started creating this project for Felicity Jane, so my techniques for creating this are a little different to the conventional loaded pockets. 

I absolutely loved making this pinwheel using the beautiful FJ papers and enamel dots from the Emeline Kit. You can find the template for these pinwheels in the Silhouette Store. They are super easy to make and you don't even need a Silhouette. My beautiful friend Elsie often uses Silhouette templates, prints them out and cuts them by hand!! She is very crafty and ingenious when it comes to working with what you have.

The sky really is the limit with what you would like to fill these pockets with. I have included the same things I usually include in Happy Mail, stickers, die cuts, washi tape sampler, labels, twine and more. I even included some Felicity Jane letter stickers which are absolutely perfect for planners and journals.

Watch the video to get an insight into how I created each and every piece of this loaded pocket, from the pocket itself, right down to the little pieces of ephemera!!

Thanks so much for dropping by Lovelies, don't forget to check out Felicity Jane to grab all of your beautiful sophisticated scrappy goodness!!

Love you,