Saturday 16 August 2014


Hey guys, Nae back again with another beautiful glittering 12x12 layout to feat your eyes on. This layout was featured on our store blog a few weeks ago and now I thought it was about time I updated you with all that glitters and glows!!! I just love this layout and all the gold bits and pieces on it. Gold is definitely a trend that is going to be around for a long time!

I originally made this layout for the sketch challenge in our first Cyber Crop but never got around to actually getting it finished, photos taken and uploaded. So now, here it is for you all to see. Its funny, it reminds me a lot of Charm's layout in a previous post.

 photo gold3_zps28b2aa3a.jpg

The layout, like I said earlier, was for the sketch challenge listed on the previous blog post about the Cyber Crop but I will post it here for you again so you can look at the resemblance. 

 photo sketch1_zpsec9b8f27.jpg

This is probably the closest to a sketch I have ever been. I actually surprised myself with how well I stuck to it. When I used to scrapbook 12x12 layouts (about 5 years ago) I tended to just take inspiration from the sketch and just work it into my own layout. Eventually they would look nothing like the original. So this was a huge accomplishment for me. 

 photo gold1_zpsa1c7dd85.jpg

I absolutely loved the woodgrain paper that featured in our TSK - The Scrappery Kit - Tilly in our July Edition. I knew as soon as I found it, like Kayla, that I had to use it as a whole background piece. I could seriously have another 20 pages of this and be happy!!

 photo gold2_zps7e37c2ca.jpg

I just absolutely loved the BPK - Bits & Pieces Kit - Gloria, our July Edition and all its gold beauty. I did originally start out with a heap of the papers from Tilly but after a while knew that I wanted to work with just the golds on this stunning piece of background paper. The Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray is just amazing. If you haven't mixed up your own bottle and used it yet I suggest you do. I will be definitely getting more of these and using them as my main mists. Just heavenly to use. 

As always I have made a process video to go along with the layout, so sit back, relax and take a peek into my workspace. Thank you so much for sticking with us guys and I hope I get to see more of your amazing layouts in the weeks to come. 

Until next time guys,
I have some packing and wrapping to do,

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Tuesday 29 July 2014

PLK Project Life Layout

Hey guys and welcome to the new blog and our very first The Scrappery Kit Club design and inspiration post. If you have noticed Kayla and I have decided to do things a little differently with our little kit club. Instead of having a design team straight away, we will design with the kits and provide you with a wealth of blog posts, photos and process videos to inspire your own creativity with the kits. We also hope to feature some of our amazing subscribers here on the blog and show off their works.

But for today I thought I would get the ball rolling with my first Project Life layout in a long time. With getting the business all organised and set up, I haven't had much time to play with my pretty cards. It felt so good to just sit and play and more importantly play with my new set of cards from our PLK - Pretty Little Kit

 photo CHARLOTTE1_zps3a35f6cd.jpg

The July kit, Charlotte, is full of beautiful light corals and teals and contrasted with stunning navy blues and blacks. The entire collection is made of original cards created by myself for The Scrappery Kit Club. Every month subscribers will be treated to unique card sets. I am so excited to bring this little Australian first to all of our subscribers!!

 photo CHARLOTTE11_zpsdba62e84.jpg

I found it very easy to piece together with the cards in the kit. The cards also enabled a lot of room for journalling. This is something I don't usually do a lot of in Project Life. I have always wanted to journal more as it is about capturing the everyday moments. It felt so good at the completion of this layout to know that these memories will always be here to look at an now I will actually have written notes to remind me of the times in the photos. 

 photo CHARLOTTE12_zps2905c2fa.jpg

I just  love how the layout all came together as a whole. This would be one of my first layouts that I have done that hasn't worked around a particular three colour scheme. I worked more with just the cards as a whole, knowing that whatever combination I used, they would all work together as they were designed to be used in any combination. I just love the flexibility. 

 photo IMG_3518_zps25f75f80.jpg

I just love title cards. Its the one place where you can really scrapbook (even if it is just on a smaller scale). I really like to dig in and create something beautiful with these title cards. This week I really loved using those SC South of Market kraft and white striped thickers. They just work with any colour combination, a great  neutral alphabet. I also dabbled in all things I normally embellish with. Mists, enamel dots, sequins, gems, doilies and I also used some of the cute gold foiled label stickers from our BPK - Bits and Pieces Kit for July, Gloria. 

 photo photocollage1_zpsd5cf9e46.jpg

Here are a few more closeups of how I used the cards within the layout. I was really in love with paint splatter and brush script and so I really wanted to give it a go in this months PLK cards. The colours are soft unlike so much of the harsh blacks of traditional brush script. I also used my very first list card ever. I was so excited to get the card out and make a list of all the exciting things that had happened this week. 

 photo IMG_3528_zpsce8a6449.jpg

My final piece of love on this layout was the PHOTOWALL card that I made. This week in Project Life I made a photo wall in the lounge room and hung a heap of photos on a few pieces of twine. I really loved how the whole thing turned out and had to document it. I also love how I ended up presenting this card. Once again using those great SC Thickers and a beautiful gold foil label from the PBK. The label allowed a little room for journalling but also allowed you to see all the mini photos captured in the one real photo. 

As always with my blog posts and a common thing here on The Scrappery, we will be posting process videos with most of our layouts and inspiration. Click the video below and you will get to our youtube channel where you can see more amazing and inspirational layouts and process videos from both Kayla and myself. 

So thats it guys, I hope you enjoyed that layout and don't forget to go over and check out The Scrappery Website and sign up for one of our amazing kits. We still have three kits left from this month so if you would like your own set of these cards you can still get your pretty little hands on them here

Thank you so much everyone for your love and support with both Kayla and myself as we start this new little adventure. I honestly had no idea this would happen so quickly but I am so happy it had. I have loved getting to know so many of you and I hope our little community continues to grow.  Please don't forget to share with us your creations you make with our kits, we would love to share them in our Pinterest gallery. 

Don't forget this week we have our August Peek Party and our very first Cyber Crop. Click the link to go to the event page and join in the fun. We will have a heap of challenges to get your inspiration flowing as well as a heap of peeks for the upcoming kits in August. 

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Thursday 24 July 2014

Frilly Masculine Man - 2 12x12 Layouts

Hey guys,

So big surprise!! (maybe, maybe not) with the opening of the store I decided it would be a good business decision if I went back to 12x12 scrapping as well as PL scrapbooking (bad decision creatively because all I want to do now are traditional layouts).

So these two layouts today are actually layouts I created and started at a local crop night. They are my first ever traditional layouts since my break from scrapbooking back in 2010. This first one is just my starter layout. I was experimenting with all the new trends in scrapbooking, watercolour, layering, gold, my silhouette cameo and the pantone colour of the year, radiant orchid. Although my orchid is on the more pastel side lol.

 photo pipa_zpsa3d28d9f.jpg

I absolutely adore the "you colour my life beautiful" cut file I purchased from Wilna Furstenburg and iheartstudio. It was basically the starting point for this entire layout. That and the beautiful pastel orchid coloured paper from Studio Calico Lemon Lush collection. 

 photo pip1_zpsd1cbdf59.jpg

But as beautiful as I think this page is, it is not the main event. The main reason for this blog post is to show off my Frilly Masculine Manly page. The next layout is of a photo of my fiancee, Josh and lets just say he is not a fan of this particular photo. 

 photo man1_zps6c5411b1.jpg

But I don't care what he thinks, I love this photo and it makes me laugh and makes me smile every time I look at it. I started off working from a scrap lift of another layout for a cyber crop challenge but as time went on, I knew I had no hope in finishing it for the crop.

 photo man5_zps54137071.jpg

Then I went to finish the layout and film the process video, little did I know that the layout would remain unfinished on my desk for another week. This is probably one of the longest times it has taken me to finish a layout. 

 photo man3_zpsfe51f580.jpg

Anyway, back to the layout, I just love the subtle grey and white on white textures and layering in this layout. I wanted something simple, something that was neutral. I have a huge fascination with white on white at the moment and I loved just working with these papers and their patterns. 

 photo man2_zpsd95dbcfa.jpg

There are so many patterns, so many lines going here there and everywhere, but for me, for this layout, I think it actually works. Josh totally gave up on this layout as soon as he saw the photo, but then even more when he realised I had pulled out a white doily to compliment the layout. I stuck with the neutral theme and embellished in only white, black, grey and woodgrain. I think my style at the moment is to scatter embellishments all over the layout and form small clusters but not limit embellishments to those clusters... Is it working for me?

 photo man4_zpsbbb6bdcb.jpg

Finally, as always, I have my little process video showcasing the two layouts. The process is only of the Frilly Masculine Man but it shows off both the layouts. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.. What do you think of my first play with 12x12 after a long break? Did I make the cut? Would love to hear from you all but for now, sit back and relax this little process video. 

Thank you so much for reading guys and I will be back soon xoxo
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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Project Life Layout - Week 14 - Part 1

Hey guys,
I know, I know, its been waaaaay too long. I have just been super busy with all things life, wedding, and hey look I even had enough time to set up a little scrapbook business along the way. My bestest scrapfriend, Kayla-Renee and I have started up our own little kit club. It is only in its first month but if you would like to find out more about this wonderful little adventure, you can check out the website, or you can read a little on our blog.

For now though I am just doing a quick little update to show you what I have been up to creatively while I was gone. If you have noticed I have changed up the blogging structure of this blog and now I will only be posting creative blogs here on this page. I will also have crafty videos and personal life videos on my youtube accounts. You can find the crafty videos at The Scrappery @ Youtube and you can find my personal videos at Naedaily @ Youtube. The thing is I find youtube a lot easier than blogging but the scrapbook industry still demands blogs (I have no idea why) so with that in mind I am still going to try and post here.

 photo pg1_zps3587a867.jpg

 photo page2_zpse806c6d2.jpg

So this layout actually comes in 4 pages.. This week was so jammed full with meeting new friends, meeting an amazing woman, Becky Higgins, travel and more. I wanted to capture everything but unfortunately didn't want an entire album out of the pictures so I just had to cull it down to two double page spreads and a few inserts.

You have probably already seen this layout, its an older one that I made back before the business was released but I just didn't get to posting it. Here is the insert of the layout. 

 photo insert2_zps01113ced.jpg photo insert1_zps19db94ef.jpg

I kept all the memorabilia from the day (signatures and polaroid photos) within the layout as well as having room to journal some of the happenings of that day. It was one of the best days of my life and I just love how all the bright colours came together with my beautiful pink cards.

In case you are wondering, the cards come from the Kiwi, Blush, Plus One and Polka Dot Party Mini kits. They all worked together so beautifully, they look like they belong in one kit.

As always I made a process video and you can see that by heading over to the youtube channel or from the video I have below.

Once again thank you so much for taking the time to read my little blog and to watch my videos. It means the world to me. Dont forget to leave me a little love down in the comments. I love hearing from you all. Ill be back really soon with a few more little peeks at what I have been up to.

Until then,
Love you all,
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Sunday 2 February 2014

Its been a while

So its been quite a while since I have blogged to you guys. Christmas was just chaotic with holidays and working at a theme park. As you probably already know, I was fortunate enough to land a 6 month gig at Polly! Scrap Kits. I was so excited and this week I had my chance to do my first assignment for them.

Instead of showing off my scrap style and 'talents' (I say this because I feel like I have no talent and just do what feels right to me) I decided to take you all on a tour of my scrap space. I filmed a video and commentated on all the things that make up my little space of happy in my home.

 photo IMG_1683_zps4c3158fd.jpg

So with the release of the new video came a new youtube channel. I have been youtubing for a few years now but most of it has been weight loss related. I have now happily released my scrapbook channel. It will feature some vlogs, video tours, process videos and shares. I am so excited to start this journey. I much prefer vlogging than blogging but with every vlog I do there will most definitely be a blog post about it as well.

So here is the video that was posted up on Polly! On Thursday:

My channel is called "the scrappery" and you can find it and subscribe if you like here.

If you would like to check out my other channel "naedaily" you can find it and subscribe here.

I will have a process video coming up in a few days time for Polly! as well so please be sure to stay tuned and check out all the amazing things I create with the Polly! PL kit. If you are inspired by what you see on my blog or over on the Polly! blog, you can also subscribe to their kits here.

I also have a few more layouts I have done in my 2013 album. Ill definitely have them posted on here in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for those.

Finally, thanks again for all your love and support guys, I really do appreciate it! Love you all!
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Wednesday 8 January 2014

project life - week 6

 photo WEEK6OVERVIEW_zps29ee6c01.jpg
So another day, another layout it seems. I have really been putting my days off to good use and getting more and more up to date. I think in my 2013 album there are only about 15 weeks. I am now up to week 6 and wanting to get week 7 done today. So excited to get started on 2014. I have some great resources to use for the new album and I cant wait to share with you all!

For now, enjoy today's layout. Unlike last weeks layout, I needed to douse myself in pink and bright colours. I used the sunshine core kit majorly. I just love the bright pinks, yellows and greens! Anyway, here is an overview of Week 6.

 photo b6cd6ef7-4d2d-4ca8-b988-92f27e71524a_zpsbc5a9628.jpg
Complete Layout

Once again, I tried to make it less matchy matchy but still have a particular theme and colour combination. I don't know how much I like it but its still getting the memories down and thats all that matters. 2014 though, I want it to be perfect so I better get all the bugs worked out doing the rest of 2013. 

 photo 3d865a38-221d-4140-ad90-70bee0718bf4_zps351c1822.jpg
Left Side Layout

I am really in love with the middle four panels of this layout. Any photos of my nephew make me smile and i just love the cheery yellow and grey with a dash of teal. Who said you couldn't use pink bows on boys? I think it looks just as darling with a baby boy as it would with a baby girl. Now before you all jump on the "you don't look fat" wagon, just read this before you comment. I feel fat, even now. I feel in myself I am overweight and I need to lose weight. PL is about documenting MY life and if I feel fat I am going to be honest and PL about it. I don't listen to my boyfriend when he tells me I am not fat, so no matter of positive support is going to make me think other wise. I just need to toughen up and get back to the gym and stop eating chocolate.

 photo 6b021484-3273-4265-8f01-2f877909fc2f_zps249d6de0.jpg
Right Side Layout

Yes I know, I talk about being fat then on the same layout I PL about pizza and ice cream! I cant help it if all these emotions fall in the one week! Its not my fault I swear! That is the ups and downs of life and of course I have to document it all. These weeks (5,6 and 7) are all smaller photo weeks but I am surprised at how full my layouts still are. I have been managing to find enough visual to add to the layouts and of course my diary that I keep notes in has been helping to fill in the week in review cards. 

On this layout I really love the pink stripe card. Its just so pretty. You know how much I love pink. My favourite photo of course is the one of my beautiful Bella cat down the bottom. She was all so snuggly that day and I just loved using the big camera to capture those moments.

Anyways, thats all for now guys. Ill be back probably tonight sometime (if I don't fall asleep) with another layout. I hope at least. 
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Sunday 5 January 2014

project life - week 5

 photo WEEK5OVERVIEW_zps2d2a7961.jpg

So the holiday season is finally over and we are marching straight through January and not looking back. I cant believe we are already 5 days into the new year. Its just insane. Hope everyone had a fantastic new year and are just as ready to tackle it as much as I am. 

After working 9 days straight after Christmas Day, I have finally had a couple of days up to catch up with life and organise myself. This afternoon I was able to do a little more scrapping and work on my 2013 Project Life album. In 2014 I am starting a brand new album and everything, even though I only started PL in September of 2013. I thought it would be nice to start off everything fresh and with designing of Polly! I thought it would be great to restart the year at Week 1!

Here is an overview of my Week 5 layout for 2013:

 photo WEEK5FULL_zpsd294d4e8.jpg
Complete Layout

This week I decided that I would go for a more neutral base in terms of cards. I stuck to just plain grey and white. From there I selected two colours as well as a neutral kraft and cork colour to embellish my page. For some reason I feel like I have to prove to myself that I don't need to have pink on a page for it to be beautiful. The next layout I do will probably be a pink overload with all this holding back. For now.. I am kind of enjoying the neutrals and natural colours. It blends in really well with the orange tinged photos from our night out at Sushi Train.

 photo WEEK5PG1_zps6d5580f1.jpg
Left Side Layout

I have decided that in 2014 I need to get myself some mist spray and play with splattering them on some cards. My week 5 title card definitely needed some splatter on it and some of the others could have too to make them all fit in together. That's one of my scrapping goals! This week I also decided to cut back on embellishments and stickers on photos and let them breathe a little. I still had to do a few touches to them but I tried as hard as possible to leave them alone. 

 photo WEEK5PG2_zps5b26bf7d.jpg
Right Side Layout

This page is a little incomplete. I had ideas on what to do with it after I took these photos. On the bottom right card I intend to stamp the date in the white area to the left of the photo. I think that will just round out the card and make it a little more even. 

On the Sushi Date card I have used a really really old scrapbook embellishment from an old company known as Buzz and Bloom. I was on their DT before I decided to give up scrapbooking in around 2010 (not exact). They were an australian based company and at the time they were producing some pretty amazing stuff with coloured acrylic. When I was purging my stash, I knew these little chipboard tokens could be useful in PL and I am so happy I was able to use one on this layout!

How are your 2014 PL layouts coming along? I am yet to start actual layouts but I did work on a mini insert title page for my 2014 album. Cant wait to see what everyone creates in the new year!
 photo naesign_zpsed1057a0.png