Thursday 30 March 2017


Hey Lovelies, it has been FOREVER since I have posted here on the blog. Things have just gotten away from me and I haven't been able to catch up!! SO! Here it is! I am going to catch you all up on what has been happening, starting with my first ever layout for Hip Kit Club!!

I love the March kits oh so much and I just loved all the cut files and embellishments and papers.. But for my first layout, I wanted to go back to basics, to my go to design for a layout and just show all my new followers from Hip Kits just what they can expect from me. 

I chose my usual central third design and you can jump over to the Hip Kit Club Blog to see my little tutorial on this style of layout. For now, for my blog, I am just going to post a few up close details for you to check out. 

I just love all the different layers, but what I love most is the polka dot tulle that is a staple for any of my layouts. This layout, with its blue and mint colour scheme was just not working for me until... I added in some tulle to soften the layers. Once I added that, everything just came together beautifully. 

I am just so in love with the beautiful black and white floral washi tape from Dear Lizzy's new collection. It just works so perfectly on any layout and can add that little feminine touch to even the most masculine of layouts without being too overwhelming. I have already used this washi on BOTH layouts I have created with this kit and no doubt it will be making an appearance in my next couple of layouts as well. 

I hope you enjoyed my first layout and process video for Hip Kits. Ill be back next week with this weeks layout. I am planning to post my layouts here a week after my posts on the blog, just to give Hip Kit the advertising and all the love for their awesome kits before I record them here.

Don't forget to jump over to the Hip Kit Club to grab their newest kits!! I cant wait to get in on the new kits but I am having so much fun with March Kits!! You don't want to miss out on these awesome kits!!

Have a lovely day guys,

Saturday 4 March 2017


Hey Lovelies,

So today I am sharing with you something a little exciting. I submitted two layouts to be considered for Jot Magazine Issue 17 - AND THEY WERE ACCEPTED!

You have no idea how amazed I am that they were accepted. I have always looked up to Jot Magazine and their creators as the pinnacle of scrapbook talent. Their beautiful clean style is just something that cant be beat and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be accepted onto the beautiful clean pages of one of their magazines.

The first of the layouts was for the magazines "Hearts" Theme. The idea was to use hearts and I just cant wait to see the variety of different layouts all using hearts in different ways. I decided for this layout to not make the hearts the focus of the layout. Just subtle hints to embellish my layout.. When I read the theme "Hearts" I ran straight to my stash and pulled out almost every heart I owned. I am surprised I was so restrained. 

The layout is another selfie layout but this photo is just a little special to me. This one was taken in our old house, exactly a year after we started renting it. The first day we got the keys, I sat down in the lounge room that would soon become the most awesome scrap space ever, and took a selfie. A year later I sat in the exact same spot and took a similar selfie. A very full circle moment for me. 

The layout of course really wasn't focused on that whole full circle feeling. The layout was more about loving myself, accepting myself for who I am and what I have become. Life might not always be how we imagined it, but it is what life had in store for us so basically there is nothing you can do but to embrace and make it work for you! I am completely absolutely my worst enemy. I am extremely hard on myself and this layout is just a little soft pretty layout to remind myself to embrace what I have and to love myself. 

Here you an see a close up of all the beautiful darling hearts on this page. I used a variety of hearts from DIY Shop stickers, to Freckled Fawn Puffies, to Crate Paper Heart Day and even some cuties from Crate Paper Cute Girl. I love the little scattering and the way they peek between the layers of my photos and layers. 

The last little detail I added to the page were these adorable tassels. They just matched in with the colours of the ribbons and lace perfectly and just made the most perfect little cluster of embellishments to even out the very right side heavy design. 

This is the second layout I submitted for Issue 17. This one is a little more difficult to explain. The theme for the section is "Not all heroes wear capes" and is part of their Story Telling section which enables creators to journal more on their layouts, to tell a story and not just create a pretty layout with pretty ephemera and a pretty photo.

The main focus for this layout is the relationship between Vinnie and Josh and how Vinnie looks up to Josh. Vinnie's father really isn't in his life much and because of that, Josh has kind of taken on the fatherly role, or at least he is the one man in his life that is constantly there for him. They share a really special bond and Vinnie is just at that stage in his life now that he wants to do everything Uncle Josh is doing. He even calls Josh Daddy and although we try to correct it, you cant help but smile with a full heart when you hear his little high pitched squeal when he sees Josh for the first time. 

This layout definitely did not start out this way. I was going to submit another layout for the "hearts" theme using a different colour palette. As soon as the title came together in my head, I just knew it would be perfect for the story teller theme. There isn't a lot of journalling on this layout, but I am going to be writing a fair bit on the back to document this beautiful moment in their lives. 

The majority of this layout is Maggie Holmes Gather and Crate Paper Cute Girl. I just love how the two some what feminine collections come together to still create quite a masculine feel to the page, despite all the hearts and doilies. 


If you would like to see more of these layouts, I do have a share video up on my youtube channel. I would love you to jump over there and check it out and leave a little love down below in the comments. 

Thanks so much for dropping by guys!! 
Love you all and Ill be back soon with another layout,

Sunday 26 February 2017


Hey Lovlies,
It has been FOREVER! since I have posted a process video and layout for you all. I have been so busy with life, surgery and other commitments that I have let my creativity suffer a little bit. Its hard to create when you are in bed for a week thanks to anaesthetic... Its not fun, I forgot just how much it takes it out of you.

Anyways, onto the pretty things!!

Today I am going to be sharing you my layout I created for the HND February Sketch. Every month I create these sketches and I just love working with them.

I have been obsessed with grid style layouts lately but I just never have given it a try. So this month I decided to just make myself create one. The layout is not my favourite layout, but it is still a lovely layout.. I am just so in love with all the grid layouts and colour blocking I am seeing, I will definitely be giving this another go!

The final layout is very soft, girly, and not so grid like, but it still follows the original sketch almost perfectly. I just love all the pretty little butterflies, the clusters of flowers and of course the doilies.. How could we forget the doilies. The photos are selfies you have seen of me before but I just wanted to accumulate them all on one page and just capture my favourites. 

I really did struggle with the title for this one... I had no idea what I wanted to say... When the photos have been scrapped before and the moments captured its hard to find a new meaning. I turned to my tiny word stickers and puffy stickers to inspire my title. In the end I found my meaning. This layout is documenting the everyday, my Instagram account, chasing my dreams in the scrapbooking world and just being my honest self. 

This blue and white striped paper, I am in love with and just knew I had to include it in this grid. That lead me to using more blue within the layout. I am not much of a blue lady, you know me, pink all the way... But this blue just ahhh its so beautiful and I am so happy I finally got to use it within my layouts. I often look from afar at everyone else's creations but this time I drove straight in. 

There is no doubt that the biggest feature of this page is the butterflies. I love how even with dark black and white photos, these little light coloured butterflies stand out around the page. The little dimension they provide with just a single fold is absolutely beautiful and looks like they are flying off the page.

Hope you enjoyed this layout Lovelies. Don't forget to jump over to the HND CREATIVES group to keep up to date with all the freebies I post every month and to participate in the monthly challenges. I would love to see what you do with this months sketch. 

Love you guys, 
Love always,

Monday 20 February 2017


Hey Lovelies,

I am beyond sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog lately. I have had a lot happen in the past few weeks including surgery to hopefully help with fertility and conceiving a beautiful mini Nae in the months to come.

In all the madness that has surrounded me, I forgot to post here and show off the pretties that I had created for February's Freebies over on the HND Creatives group. These freebies are only available on the Facebook group but don't worry, anyone can join and grab these beautiful freebies every month!

This month's HND MOOD BOARD definitely has that romantic love feel but also has a touch of spring and adventure. I wanted it to be more Alice in Wonderland. There are so many Mood boards during February that are the traditional red, pink and white so I really wanted to do something a little different and something inspired by the new Creativation Collections released. 

Next are the beautiful HND Cut Files for February. Once again very Alice in Wonderland, tea party and travel themed. I wanted to add in some generic label cut files as well so that you can cut your own labels from patterned paper and add unique custom journalling blocks to your layouts. Globes seem to be HUGE in trend at the moment and I want to do a globe themed page soon so I knew I had to include on in the cut files this month!

These HND Printables are probably the nicest I have created ever and I am just totally head over heals for them. I just love the collection of colours, the flowers, the tea party motifs.. Just all the love in the world. If you would like the high quality images to print for your own use, please jump over to the HND Creatives Group to grab the download. 

This is the first month that I have created a HND Sketch for 2017.. Mind you there have only been two months, but.... I have really fallen in love with grid or square grid layouts lately and so this month I wanted to create a pretty sketch to get us all in the mood to create a grid layout. I have already created my layout and I cant wait to share it with you in the next few days!

Last but definitely not least, I created these beautiful tiny word tiles to accompany the HND Mood Board this month. The words all go along with the romantic Valentines theme and if you print them on a photo printer on a piece of 4x6 inch paper, you will have the perfect sized tiles to cut and add to your layouts. How awesome is that!! 

Don't forget that if you want any of these amazing freebies jump over to the HND Creatives Group. That way you will be able to keep up to date with all the Freebies in the months to come, as well as be inspired by everyone else and their creations during the month using the Freebies. 

Ill be back really soon with a sketch process video and a few hauls so make sure you stay tuned for that!! 

Love you all guys, 
Thank you so much for your love and support,

Sunday 5 February 2017


Hey Lovelies, 
I am back today with another catch up post. I never got a chance to post my last Felicity Jane layout for you on my blog. So here it is. I was very excited when it was finally my time to play with the Sketch Saturday theme over on the Felicity Jane blog

The beautiful Dannielle at Banning Lane created a beautiful structured sketch which is very different from what I am used to but it was fun to play with a different style and still create something that was uniquely Nae. 

I am really anti theme when it comes to my paper and embellishment selection and so I wanted to show you just how easy it is to transform a neutral kit into a Christmas theme layout. Its all about the photo and this little cutey in my photo is all the Christmas you need. You can tell just from the photo and his santa hat that this was Christmas Day. You don't need a dump truck of green and red paper and a bazillion christmas stickers to know this is a christmas layout. 

Of course when playing with a sketch, you don't have to always be following the sketch exactly. Merging elements, adding layers are all part of making the sketch and your layout original so don't be afraid to play around a bit and make that sketch 100% your own! Remember, you layout still needs to resemble you and if you jump over to the Felicity Jane blog you will see just how different two styles can make the same sketch feel different on their layouts. 

So when scrapping Christmas layouts, I do tend to pick Christmas motifs, but not themed. Stars are a prime example of that. On this layout I included a spattering of stars, none of them are traditional christmas colours and so give the illusion of Christmas without being WHAM in your face. 

Finally guys, here is the process video for my beautiful sketch layout. Don't forget to jump over to the Felicity Jane blog and check out the beautiful Danielle and her process video and layout as well. That is Nae 100% up to date on blog posts, now to get out there and create more videos and posts for you all to read. 

Love you guys,


Hey Lovelies, 

So! It has been a while since I have posted over here on the blog, or over on the youtube channel. January definitely was not my month and still felt like 2016 was biting into my life. I have already been to a family funeral, had a huge drop back in my paid work thanks to the holidays now being over, finished my time over at Felicity Jane and also denied a few other Creative Team positions. However, I still want to document the month, even if I didn't even fill out a week by week style for the month. I still managed to work with this beautiful month overview page. 

The insert I am using is the standard month overview that comes with most Kikki K planners. When you look at the planner page it really is quite plain and you really have no idea where to go with it. My first step is to always put in the days.. That way it gives you the shape and spaces where you can decorate. I then place in the important events with coordinating washi tape and by this stage I usually add a strip to the top and bottom as well. 

I always like to pop in my title (always the name of the month) and then choose a piece of paper I like to turn into an 'insert' 3x4 card for the middle of the page. This allows me a little extra creative space within the layout. Embellish and you are all done. 

Here is another little insert I added to my planner. I want to make my planner more of a memory planner as opposed to an actual functioning planner. So I tend to work backwards and love to add in as many photos as possible. This photo of my adorable Vinnie will be seen on another layout soon but I just had to include this double within my planner. 

Finally, I wanted to add in a little decorative page with some positive words of wisdom. I can get quite depressed and upset sometimes and I just need a few little positive words to push me through. This year is my year and I am going to make it so! 

Love you guys, have a beautiful week, 

Sunday 15 January 2017


Hey Lovelies, I am back again today for yet another little surprise post for you all.. 

My beautiful friend Tori Bissell has teamed up with the lovely Theresa and they are releasing their first ever digital release!! How super exciting is that!! I love creating digital content and when I was asked to design for their first ever collection, well, how could I refuse!!

You can jump over to the website and secure your own beautiful collection of Quilted Hearts. The collection is so bright and colourful and absolutely charming.. I love all the different patterns and designs and they really give you that "quilted" look. Absolutely adorable. 

As part of the release today, the girls are doing  a little blog hop around to all the design team members that designed for this project. So make sure you jump around to all the different girls blogs and send them some love. 

Now onto my pretties that I created for this beautiful collection!! I decided that with all these stunning bright papers, they deserved to be on birthday cards and share the love around.. So I decided to play with a few cut files and create some pretty pattern pieced "quilted" cards. 

The first of my cards is this cute little postcard style cupcake card. I purchased all my cut files in the Silhouette Store. Once the cupcake was cut out, I started piecing behind the patterned papers I thought would look extra sweet on the cupcake. After adhering all of those papers on the back I added another piece of white card stock to hide the messiness. 

I decided then that the card was just a little bit plain so I decided to add in some sparkling lights with that beautiful geometric lemon paper. I cut out the diamonds and stuck them around the page with a few gem stones and glitter dots. To finish the look I hand stitched some beautiful light yellow dangles to hold onto the light.. Totally channeling a little bit of my inner Elsie here. 

 My second card was a little bit more detailed and really had that lovely stained glass look to it. My Cameo did all the work cutting it out but when I backed this floral patterned paper behind the cut file, it just screamed stained glass. I absolutely love the effect and added some clear gems to the flourishes to add in that extra glam feel.

I also cut out three hearts. Two out of the pink gingham patterned paper and one out of some gold printed vellum I had in my stash. I layered them all up and then glued them down the middle and fluffed them out to give them some more dimension.


So that is it lovelies!! I would love it if you could go over to the Scrap Explosions website and show these ladies some love! They have worked so hard on their first ever release and have done such an amazing job!! Don't forget to go check out the other ladies as well and I will be back super soon with another process video.

Love you guys,