Sunday 28 August 2016


Hey girls, I know this is a little late but I suppose better late than never right? I wanted to show off the amazing Felicity Jane, Maggie Kit for August!! 

I have to admit when I first saw this kit I thought "OH NO, orange". I'm going to be honest with you, as I normally am, I don't like orange, I never use it and I just don't like the look of it. Even in the original image I was not in love with the orange. That COMPLETELY changed once I got the kit in my hands, flicked through the beautiful paper and created my first project with the kit. 

The light mellow butternut pumpkin colour mixed in with the lovely seafoam blue green, subdued large scale black and white outlines and contrasted with that bright sunburnt coral are just beautiful colours that combine harmoniously in this stunning kit. 

As soon as I started flicking through the papers and placing them all on my favourite sides, I knew I was going to enjoy creating with this kit. The confetti is just stunning and the off white, light yellow vellum pieces just soften everything up so beautifully.

The one thing I absolutely love about the Felicity Jane kits is just how light and bright the kits are without being over bearingly tacky and bright. They just breathe and are such a delight to work with. Even with multiple layers, the tones of the papers and embellishments just create their own space. They are simply divine.

One of my favourite things in every single kit I get are the flair badges. They are always so bright and white and just really well put together, I mean graphically of course. Dabbling in a bit of graphic design myself, I really do appreciate the Felicity Jane design aesthetic. The flairs are also a slightly smaller size than normal which works even better for me and my layouts. 

Now, lets talk about the real hero of this kit. The adorable rubber shapes are just beyond amazing!! I love the cute little bows, the hearts, the banners, the script words. They are just the most perfect embellishments. I have already created a project using these babies and I think I need to go back into the store and grab a few more packs. They are just amazing!

Let me know if you got the Felicity Jane Maggie Kit?! I would love to see what you create. Please come and share with me over in the HND Creatives Group. I love seeing everything everyone creates!! It will inspire you as much as it will inspire me. 

Love you guys, 

Saturday 27 August 2016


Hey girls, today I am over on the Felicity Jane blog with my Meet the CT post. Jump on over to the blog now to get to know me a little more and find out some things about me you may not have known. 

If you are viewing this blog post later, you can find my personal question and answer post here on the Felicity Jane blog

We were asked to supply a layout that best showed our creative style. I have so many layouts that easily show my style. I don't ever scrap out of my style, but you know me, I had to create something new. 

The goal was to use Felicity Jane products and I could have easily created a beautiful layout using the multiple kits I had already in my stash from my subscriptions, but, I had just received these beautiful papers from the Pink Paislee, Take Me Away collection and right now I am digging pastels. I just had to use these, with a combination of Felicity Jane products and cut files to create my layout. 

This layout was all about my brand new pink hair, hat only looked good for about one day :( . I wanted to document the extreme change from blonde to pink without it being a huge PINK HAIR layout. I decided to create a little pocket behind my photo using a glassine bag which also worked as a layer behind my photo. In there I stashed two photos of my pretty new pink hair and also a little journalling card as well. 

I repurposed the 3x4 hello card and used it as a journalling card for the pocket. I love the combination of the black cursive "hello" and the bolder white cursive foam alphabet from the Suse Fish, Happy Day kit. They are just such a beautiful combination. 

The back of the hello card was more decorative than journalling but I still got a little bit of info down there, including the date. To be honest I had no idea how I was going to use that Happy Days puffy sticker from the kit but now really love how it looks on this card. Definitely sums up the day pretty well!

Love you guys, don't forget to jump over to the Felicity Jane blog and while you are there, grab yourself a kit subscription. I just saw a sneak of next months kit and I am SO excited!! You don't want to miss out on all the gorgeous goodies next month!!

Love you all, 

Thursday 25 August 2016


Hey lovelies, today on the blog I am showing off my love for the beautiful Love Always Collection by Cocoa Vanilla Studios. This collection is a beautiful light and fluffy collection of pinks and mint greens accented with the most beautiful black and white basic patterns. It just screams my name and once again, I just had to have it!!

The patterned papers are all really rather lovely, but for this collection, since I went all out on the Crate Paper Cute Girl collection, I decided to just pick the few pieces of paper I knew I would 100% use. I would have loved to work with them all but unfortunately it was the embellishments that won out in this collection. They were all so beautiful I had to get so many of them.

My favourite by far were these Bitty Blooms. Tiny little paper flowers, on a little stem. They are just so cute and well, lets just say I have never been able to give up my obsession with paper flowers on layouts from the old days. I am so glad to see a company (besides prima) producing really nice little flowers for layouts. I think I may need to grab another pack of these. 

Just look at the adorable water colour florals in both the ephemera and the vellum shape pack. These packs give you double the ephemera to work with which is super exciting. As much as I love ephemera and they are always the basis of any layout, but I just find them very limiting in most cases, especially those with big ephemera pieces. I prefer the little basic shapes that I can replicate on a layout and really layer them. These were just perfect and provide so much dimension.

Lastly, another one of my most favourite embellishment packs was the Bits & Pieces pack. This little pack was bursting with an assortment of 3 dimensional pieces to help give your layouts that perfect piece of perfection. Bows, pegs, fabric flowers, sequins and resin flowers along with a pretty little doily just make the perfect highlight to any layout.

Hope you enjoy the little haul video and don't forget to share with me all your beautiful layouts you create with the Love Always collection. 

Love you guys, 


Hello lovelies, catching up on another blog post today. I wanted to share this little Project Life inspired layout with you all. For this one I used the blues and mint greens from the ever adorable Happy Day kit by Felicity Jane and Suse Fish. I love working with this collection so so much! 

The end result was really quite a light white and airy layout with hand doodled accents and layers upon layers. The 4x6 card and the 3x4 card are in fact a lovely mint green colour but hardly show up in the photos. This layout really is something you have to see in reality or over on the process video. 

I really struggled with the title card on this one. With all that blank space on a card, I found it hard to embellish and make it look full without it being a chaotic mess. The end result isn't something I am very proud of. This layout definitely is not one of my best, but the memories are captured and preserved and that is the main thing. 

I absolutely love how this 3x4 card worked out. You may think that it was a premeditated cut into the paper, but believe it or not, the saying on this card was all a happy coincidence. I cut a 12x3 inch strip and then cut that into 4 inch pieces to have three 3x4 inch cards and this was the result. Perfect little message to put in your little ones album. I just love it. 

I hope despite this not being my best layout, you still enjoyed the process of this 12x12 Project Life inspired layout. 

Love you guys,

Thursday 18 August 2016


Hey girls, I am back after an intentional break. This month has been super difficult for me with family constantly around, doctors and specialists appointments, tests, work, I have just really been struggling mentally and I just lost all motivation to do anything except sit and binge watch youtube... In saying that, I am back and ready to show off some of the pretty things I have been creating during my break.

Today I am busting into my Felicity Jane Happy Day kit by Suse Fish. I am in total love with this kit and love it more now that I am actually using the product. I just love how everything works together and the pinks and mints, along with that stunning periwinkle/cornflower blue is just divine!! Basically anything pastels at the moment has my heart. 

The kit is actually on sale at the moment, saving you almost six dollars!! Click the link above to the Felicity Jane site and secure your Happy Day kit before they are gone..

As always, I struggled with the title card. I even wondered if I needed a title card now that I am including PL in with my traditional scrapbook layouts. It turned out that it just looked more pleasing, using Design A page protectors, to have a 4x6 title card somewhere on the layout. In the end I loved layering all the little bits and pieces and adding in some of the pretty little printable flowers from the digital freebie we get every month to coordinate with the kits which gives you even MORE to play with!

I absolutely loved clustering all these printable embellishments on this layout. I added in a few labels, tiny word stickers and a cute leaf die cut that I got from a HND Happy Mail. I love how it looks like the tree of life, a family tree. The symbolising is beautiful and meaningful but still very decorative. 

I wanted to add the address of where the photoshoot was because it was such a special time for us. We had the photos taken on my parents farm, where we all grew up as kids. It holds so many amazing memories and we wanted to capture our family in the one place that meant the most to us, home. When you have 16 acres of land to wander and find those perfect locations, why not?

Finally, I know it doesn't show a lot of scrapping but I had to share this photo of my adorable Mum and Dad. These two are the ones responsible for my creativity people. They are two of the most hardworking, beautiful people in the world. They will give anything and everything for anyone. I am who I am today because of them and I just wanted to share this beautiful photo of them because gosh. 

I don't think they have had a professional photo taken since the mid 1990's. This was the main reason why we did the photoshoot for my family. My parents really have given us and still to this day, give us everything. They could never afford a professional shoot and so I wanted to include the entire family so that they have beautiful photos to hang on their walls. They live three hours away from all of the kids so sometimes its hard for them. These memories will always be with us now! 

Anyway girlies, thank you so much for hanging in and checking out this beautiful layout. I will be back on Saturday with the reverse side of this pretty layout!! Thanks again, I love you all. 

Love always, 

Saturday 13 August 2016


Hey girls, today is one of those posts I really didn't want to post. I hate when people only do hauls!! Back to back, it gets incredibly boring!! Show us what you make with the product!! Unfortunately I have had a pretty unproductive set of days but I can tell you now - TODAY IS SCRAPBOOKING DAY!! There will definitely be a few layouts coming to you in the next week of videos!

Today I want to share with you another beautiful collection this amazing lady has created to share with all of us! Her first line was absolutely amazing and this one is even more amazing!! It is completely different from Fancy Free! The colours are more subdued, more mature, but still have that carefree painted feel as well. I absolutely love this collection, even more now that it is in my pretty little hands. So let me introduce to you, 

Now like I said, Take Me Away didn't really WOW me online, in the videos, on the Sassy Scrapper store, but gosh when I got it in my hands, I just cant wait to use it and it is going to be the first collection I play with this morning!! Beautiful florals, lovely pastels and of course bouncing bows take center stage in this collection that really does bring out the girly girl in us all.

I was a bit surprised when I got the buttons in my new collection. They were like 3 times smaller than the ones from Fancy Free. I don't know what they decided to change up the size but I kinda feel a little mislead. I thought they would be a similar size but instead they are this super cute little teeny tiny size which works beautifully with the collection. I know why they made the change and still love them, but just feel a tad lost lol. 

The ephemera pack is absolutely beautiful. Ephemera packs are always the essential product when buying a collection and this one is no different. I am loving all the home living icons and bursting florals in this ephemera and I just cant wait to get my hands on it! Unfortunately it is on back order and I have to wait for it to come in. Hopefully I can grab one before they sell out because these babies go super fast!

Yes, give me all the colours. The papers in this collection are completely, 100% AHMAZING!! I just love all the soft pastels, the gemstones, the florals, the bows, the ombre, everything reminds me of unicorns, rainbows and magical maidens. Lady Lovely Locks is the first thing that comes to my mind. Does anyone remember her? Omg I used to love watching her!! Her magic rainbow hair and the pixie fairies!! Oh take me back to the 1980s please!

Finally, I wanted to show off the adorable roller stamp! This stamp is like nothing I have seen before and I just had to get it. Instead of a crap ton of words and phrases you just wont ever use, Paige has included motifs, shapes and other decorative patterns to her stamp. There are only two phrases and the rest are all decorative! I love this so much and wish more of these mini pattern stamps would come out. There are only so many "hello" phrase stamps we can purchase after all.

Let me know what your favourites are in the Take Me Away collection! I would love to hear what you think,

Love you girls,

Thursday 11 August 2016


Hey girls, I am back again with another haul video and this time I am showing you all the absolutely adorable CUTE GIRL collection by Crate Paper!! I have been so super duper excited about this collection and have been busting for it to show up on my doorstep. Thanks to Sassy Scrappers, I have been able to get a whole lot of the new releases here in Australia almost the same time as the American releases. I can not believe it and I thank her so much for her awesome hard work.

The line is a magical collection of bright pinks and teal, woodgrain and of course the ever amazing Crate Paper florals, unicorns, mermaids and of course, how could you forget those adorable kitty cats (that is the main reason I got this collection). Basically, this kit could be easily renamed the HND Collection. It is just everything I love and more. 

I am not going to show off a lot of the collection because you will see it all on my haul video and to be honest, I was a little naughty and didn't take many photos and the photos I did take were butt ugly!! Very yucky.. So I will spare you those and show you the beautiful marketing images instead. 

  The one thing that I was most disappointed about in the entire collection was this chipboard sheet. I don't normally buy these things. I dont like them and the adhesive is usually bad, ripping the sheet as you try to remove them and gosh, I just cant get them to work. This one though, I HAD TO HAVE. So of course, I had to get it lol. When it arrived in my order, I was so disappointed. It was cut so poorly (you will see on the video).

Thankfully, Crate Paper and American Crafts have replied to my email I sent them and they will be sending me a new one soon. God only knows how long that will take from America to get to Australia, but we will see. They may surprise me. I am definitely not waiting to use the collection, I am cracking into this baby this weekend! I may have to use the chipboard sheet I have just as place markers. We will see.

Love you guys, 

Tuesday 9 August 2016


Hey girls, finally got todays layout uploaded and now I can show off the prettiness that is my latest layout!! I am so in love with this one and how it turned out. I have always been inspired to create a dream catcher layout, ever since I saw the adorable HeyElsie create hers over on her youtube channel. 

So I decided to raid Pinterest and I found the most beautiful mixed media layout with all these amazing layers and the most important element, a dream catcher. You can check out this amazing layout and all its beautiful layers by Elena Martynova. I am having trouble finding the original post of the dream catcher layout but here is a link to her blog if you want to check out more of her amazing creations here

The one thing that is really inspiring me lately is how far I have come with all my layering and coordinating of colours and patterns. The Felicity Jane Happy Day kit is bursting with beautiful colours and really do help with constructing the perfect layouts.

This layout was really different for me. It was a lot of layers, a lot of gesso and a lot of die cuts!! I am absolutely loving my Silhouette Cameo and all the different shapes and creations I have been able to get. I love collecting different shapes and patterns and even creating my own cut files. 

As much as this layout is full of layers and patterns, there are also some really light bright white spaces as well. Adding in texture with twine was a new experience for me on layouts. To this degree anyway. I wrapped the twine around the dream catcher and also as the strings that hang the feathers from the base of the catcher. I chose a basic white and white and gold twine so that it didn't stand out too much. Another white on white combination that I just love. 

Once I placed the feathers on top of the layers of patterned paper, of doilies and tulle, I just melted as I looked at all the dimension and colour that just blurred together in a beautiful combination. With all the layers, I thought this layout would be quite heavy, but with all the light colours and the gesso, this layout is still dreamy and soft and just beautiful. 

I hope you loved this layout as much as I do. I am thinking of framing it and putting it up on my gallery wall that is still in its planning stages but we will get there eventually. 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the lovely ladies that have wrote messages of support and love over the past couple of days with my announcement of the Felicity Jane Creative Team. It warms my heart each and every time I read a message from you. Thank you all so so much. 

Love you guys, 

Sunday 7 August 2016


Hey girls, the second video I am posting today is the actual Creative Team entry video I made for the application. I don't know how many people actually create videos for their CT entires, if anyone does, but for me, creating youtube videos and process videos are my passion.

I absolutely loved making this travellers notebook and inside, all the questions that were required for the Creative Team entry, as well as some pretty pictures. It was my first time using a Felicity Jane kit, just getting it in the mail the week before. I decided, instead of just using paper I love, why not use the actual product and prove the diversity this product really has. It is all about catering to what your company you are applying for wants to see, what you will be able to do for them during your creative team period. Get creative and don't forget to have fun with it. 

I started with very clean simple styles of pages. Letting the white space work for me. I just love how the little doodle bug doilies work on the travellers notebook pages. Oh yeah, the cover of this notebook was not doing it for me, so I decided to rip off the cover and use some of the beautiful tissue paper the kits come in as the cover. It was a little transparent but still gave a nice covered look to the notebook. 

The next page, another nice clean and simple layout with a picture of myself, my personal details and a little embellishment cluster. 

Heaven forbid I even tried to use stamps with my horribly dried up Stazon Ink!! I was so annoyed but couldn't go back after stamping... Fail, but oh well, being creative is about having those little fails and working through them. In the end I found that the imperfect stamping actually added some texture to what was quite a clean page. 

Another one of the pages was to share your creative likes, your style. So instead of just writing or explaining what my style was like, I decided to show it off in this journal and particularly on this page. I played with pinks, blacks, white and of course GOLD!! I used products I love and always go to and of course threw in that Heynaedaily GLAM!

Another one of the pages I found to be quite interesting was this one. The question was to share your creative history and for me, I didn't have a HUGE creative history apart from scrapping for myself, my youtube channel and working at The Scrappery for a year and a half. There wasn't a lot to really write about so instead I decided to turn this page into a mini time line with layers and clusters of cute embellishments. 

I love sharing my processes, my thoughts, feelings, everything and I just love the community we have on youtube. In saying that, you don't have to create a video to get on a creative team, the idea I am trying to get across is that you don't have to just submit answers, pictures and words. It is a creative industry, try and be creative with your applications and find something that works for you and shows off your strengths!! That is the key in all of this!

Love you all girlies, 
Thanks so much once again, 


Have you seen it?

On Instagram? Facebook? The FJ Blog?

I still cant believe it!! 


I honestly could not believe it!!! Seriously? Me? I know a lot of you love my layouts and my videos but I seriously didn't think I had what it took to make it onto the FJ CT!! They are such an amazingly talented group of ladies and if there was ever a CT I wanted to be on, this was it!! Felicity Jane is such an amazing company, perfectly darling and share the same ideals in the creative industry as I do. 

It is, like we have discussed before, a match made in heaven. I love these kits with all my heart and being a subscriber before being selected on the team, you know that I genuinely love these products. I would never promote anything that I didn't like for the sake of free product. That is just not me. I am always 100% honest and open about my opinions on products and it is going to be the same when I am on this creative team!! 

There will be introductions for each of these amazing ladies over on the Felicity Jane blog at the end of the month. For now though I thought I would just leave links to all the fabulous lady's blogs so you can follow along and see what we all create in the next six months!

They are such talented ladies and I cant believe that I am up there amongst such amazing talent!!

As a special treat to celebrate joining the FJ team, I will be posting two videos today. The first is a little insight into what I did when applying for the FJ Creative Team and hopefully this will help you next time you are looking to apply for a creative team. I just feel there is such a "hush, hush" when it comes to our applications for creative teams, like its almost a test. I want to change that, I want to share with you and help anyone that is wanting to improve as a scrapbooker, a creative in this industry. Of course, I am no professional, I have a long way to go, but I hope with my little tips and tricks we can all grow together.

I have decided that I will post the other video on a new blog post because I have pretty pictures to share with that one! So stick around, that one will be up soon!! 
Thanks so much everyone for all the love, support, congratulations, the extra followers on Instagram and Youtube. I have appreciated each and every one of you the past few days and I just love having you all join me on this new adventure.

Love you all guys,