Tuesday 28 June 2016


So as most of you already know, already experienced, already met and enjoyed her company, the beautiful Elizabeth Kartchner came to visit Australia earlier this year for a Spotlight Tour to celebrate Spotlight Craft Month.

To say this woman is an absolutely beautiful person is an understatement!! She is so sweet and humble but you can just tell, how passionate she is about this beautiful craft we all share in common, and not to mention the incredible crazy side she hides so well!! When that camera comes out, my gosh she is a crazy one!! And for that alone, I am loving the adorable Elizabeth Kartchner. 

We had so much fun scrapping and using the beautiful papers and embellishments from her new collection Happy Place. Unfortunately for me, it is not often that I create anything of any substance from these meet and greets. I tend to socialise and watch everyone else create in wonderment. It seems that I get stage fright lol.

Not with photos though, I love it when I have a crazy friend to take silly photos with!! I had such an awesome time catching up with Miss Dear Lizzy and if you ever have the chance I HIGHLY recommend it!! She is so beautiful and I cant wait to catch up with her next time she is in Australia. 


Hey guys and welcome to my first of many update posts. I am starting from right back at the beginning of the year when I started my wedding album and from there I will post updates and photos of the layouts and videos I have done since then.

Don't worry, there aren't that many. 

So like all my other Project Life albums, I always do a 8.5x11 title page with a 12x12 photo cut into cards to fit a Design A page protector. This is a technique I have been doing for a few years now and I just love the result. 

For the 8.5x11 page, I was (and still am to this day) completely inspired by Raquel Bowman's effortless white on white, clean style. Raquel did a title page for her 2016 album and it was so stunning I had to scrap lift. You can see Raquels original design on her blog here.

I chose to stick with the few colours that coordinated with our wedding and the Pink Paislee, Ces't La Vie collection was just perfect for it!! The pastel pink, mints and creams and that stunning bright pink floral and neutral woodgrains... All of these in combination were perfect for our wedding theme. 

The main cluster in the bottom left hand corner is just over flowing with beautiful florals and glittering leaves. I even managed to get in a flair from Prima and a cute tassel from Dear Lizzy. This whole cluster is just a miss mash of different embellishments from my stash and I honestly couldn't go through them all and know where they are from. Lets just sit back and stare at the prettiness shall we?

The main feature of this and Raquel's layout is the beautiful die cut numbers for the date. I am pretty sure we both used our Silhouettes to cut these out and to make the cuts is really easy if you have a Silhouette. Just choose the font you like and type directly onto your cutting area. You are then left with beautiful large numbers just asking to be filled with beautiful patterned papers. 

Last but not least, if all of these beautiful pictures are not enough, you can check out the process video I did and see step by step exactly how I put together this beautiful page. 

I hope you guys enjoyed that little look at my title page for our wedding album. I have four more Project Life inspired wedding pages to upload and more videos to watch. Thank you so much, love you all,


I know, I know, so many times I have started a blog and so many times I have failed. I am at a stage in my creative life that I want to start working my brand and really showcase what I can do.

For a year now I have been using Facebook as a means of a blog. Displaying my work and making it accessible for not only my crafty friends but also my Facebook and real life friends. Facebook has been great, for keeping me connected, updated and sorted but now that I am wanting to take heynaedaily to the next level, I need something a little more "pretty". Facebook is very boring and stock standard and really doesn't allow us creatives to fully express ourselves. There is just something missing...

So what does that mean for the HND Facebook page?

Don't worry lovelies, the page will still be updated with a picture and a link to this blog and maybe even a video or two. I know how much you like the pretty videos!! But for more photos and more videos and more content including digital downloads (yes I will be working towards these babies) then you need to subscribe to this blog and my youtube channel.

This blog will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the creative HND universe!!

For the next couple of days I will be updating the blog with old layouts and videos that have been on the Facebook page that I still want to capture and document here.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and all the changes I am making, I hope this time it will turn into something really beautiful

xoxo nae