Wednesday 21 September 2016


Hey lovelies, I am back again today with another lovely layout using the beautiful Felicity Jane, Maggie Kit! I am counting down the days till my Felicity Kit arrives. 

For now, I will just share with you some pretties I have created. Todays layout I decided to use the lovely Sketch Saturday sketch that featured on the Felicity Jane blog a few weeks ago. The link is here and the sketch is just divine. It is so pretty and simple and emulates one of the patterned papers in the kit perfectly!!

I just love how bright and clean this layout is. The triangles are something I haven't ever really done before and to be honest, probably wont again. Those triangles were so much trouble to get correct. I still didn't even measure properly, but oh well. It worked in the end I suppose. 

The layout today is about HOME. Not the physical sense of the word but the emotional sense. I have had to do a lot of thinking lately. My parents are getting older, as I am getting older. We grew up on a 16 acre farm and as they get older, I feel the farm is going to be harder and harder to maintain. What is going to happen to our family home when they are gone? This may seem a bit morbid and unthinkable, but you have to think about these things.

I came to the realisation that home IS in fact where the heart is. Home isn't a physical place, yeah sure they are the memories and the environment that shaped you into the person you are today, but its the people you were surrounded by that really are your home. Where ever my parents are, that is my home and I have to be OK with that. 

Ok enough of the touchy feelies, back to the layout. Once again I used one of my most favourite flair buttons on this layout as one of the circles that are featured in the sketch. I may have added a few more circles than the sketch but you still get the general feel for the sketch in this layout. 

I feel with every layout, my layering and clustering are really starting to get "there" where ever "there" is. It is just becoming such an effortless task and I find it just all comes together better. I am loving the layers behind this photo. It touches on the blue, the black and white, but still has a little feminine touch that I always love.

Ok girls, thats it for today. Have a lovely day and I will be back tomorrow with another video.
Love you all,

Monday 19 September 2016


Hey lovelies, well, after almost 10 days of complete sickness, I am BACK!! I hated being out of the electronic world for so long but I was so drained and just exhausted.. Even swallowing was difficult.. 

Oh well!! We are starting back with the HND Birthday Marathon TODAY! and to make it up to you all, the marathon will be running an extra week into October!! I thought I would kick today off with a beautiful Felicity Jane layout I had created for a blog post over on the FJ site but due to last minute changes I had to recreate my project!! You will see that one on Saturday. 

I really wanted to focus on the beautiful large wood veneers and vellum pieces for this layout. Those pieces in the kit were so lovely and I know some people would struggle with them simply because of their size. These babies are HUGE and will definitely make a statement on any layout you create. 

Unfortunately, you can only get these beautiful pieces in the Maggie kit, and to make matters worse, this kit was so popular it is no longer available in store. If you haven't got it already, I really do recommend subscribing, that way you wont miss out on the awesomeness in the future! These kits are my everything and I seriously am considering not buying any other scrap products for a while because these monthly kits give me EVERYTHING I need. - Who are we kidding though, seriously? Me on a spending freeze? Not going to happen. 

Another thing I am loving about Felicity Jane is the amazingly adorable flair buttons and I call them buttons because they are smaller than the traditional flair. They are included in every kit and are just beautiful to use. This one I have put in the middle of a flower as an accent piece on the bottom right hand side of the layout.

The title for this one was a  little different for me. Usually I don't title my layouts but this kit was full of so many beautiful words. I definitely had to bring out my Tanya Hubbard and create a lovely long title using all of these beautiful pieces. It doesn't really make sense, but in the end, thats how our relationship is, it doesn't always make sense but its always beautiful and fun.  

Thanks so much lovelies, 
Ill be back tomorrow with another video,
Love you all, 

Sunday 4 September 2016


Hey lovelies, I am so so sorry this video is late today but hey! It is still Sunday so technically I haven't lost out on the video a day thing just yet. 

Sundays are going to be my Plan With Me days and each week I will bring you a new planner layout using the beautiful Felicity Jane Planner Inserts and whatever excess pretty things I have laying around my desk. I will try to change it up from week to week but I am pretty sure I have found a structure and layout that works best for me. So, lets get onto the pretty planner page for this week!!

Honestly girlies, if you have a Kikki K planner and are not happy with the inserts that come with it, you should seriously consider the Felicity Jane inserts. I have had this planner for almost a year and never really used it apart from the month overview pages. Now, these inserts were in my possession for about a month or so and only now have I realised just how awesome they are!!

On every planner page I do, I like to include a little insert, usually a 3x4 card to just add a little texture and interest to the page. This week I loved one of the cards from the cut apart sheet from the Pink Paislee - Take Me Away Collection by Paige Evans. I then added in this cute chipboard frame from the collections chipboard sticker sheet and just framed a photo I had left over from another layout I had done a week or so ago. No photo is ever wasted and even though it is the same photo over and over again, it is changed and adapted into so many different workspaces. 

I am just in love with these beautiful exclusive planner bow paper clips from Felicity Jane. The polka dot one is by far my favourite and I have been using it as a book mark to hold in place the week I am working on. I definitely have the blush pink bow clip in my sights and will be popping that one into my Felicity Jane shopping cart next month!

These pages take so much time and effort. Each little piece, little tab fitting in and balancing the other sections... It is quite an art form I am not quite proficient with but I am excited to see how my layouts and pages change from week to week. I hope you enjoy these new planner posts and of course, the process video below. 

Hope you are having a good Sunday lovelies, Ill be back tomorrow with another video!! I would love to see your planner pages over on the HND Creatives Group

Love you guys, 

Saturday 3 September 2016


Morning Lovelies!! Today is day 3 of the HND Birthday Marathon and I am just so excited about everything going on and I just want to thank you all for your support in joining me in this mammoth commitment!! I am enjoying the little challenge and the motivation to keep posting for you all! I really do appreciate all the support and love you have been sending my way. Thank you so much for all your love. 

Today I am showing you yet another one of my favourite layouts. This one is a masculine layout using a feminine paper collection and embellishments. That was originally the objective for this layout but it turned into so so much more. 

Once again I am using the delicious Crate Paper Cute Girl collection. I know they have brought out a boy orientated collection the same time as Cute Girl, but the patterns are so generic (apart from the floral) that I thought, why not use it on a masculine layout? 

After I had selected my paper collection, I started working on the design of this layout, I knew I wanted to work with a cut file, but I had done a few patterns before, never a title. Jodie York is a fabulous brush script artist and lives right here in Australia!! She is such a beautiful woman and her gallery in the Silhouette Studio Gallery reflects that beauty. 

After backing the cut file, I decided the title needed some stitching over it to just hold it all done but to also give it that rebellious punk like look. The top is very bold and the bright pink flowers, white layers and flowery doily just lighten the bottom but still have that bold feeling to them. I am not one to hand cut flowers from paper but I really loved how these have turned out as accents around my photo. 

Yes I used pink flowers on a boys layout, and yes I will do it again. The only thing limiting you from using pink or girly things on a boy layout is your own thoughts. There is no rule saying you cant use feminine motifs on a boys layout. If you love the paper, the design principles, just use them. This album is as much for you as it is for them. 

This is probably the first time that I just let a layout develop rather than to have a structured plan. It has been amazing to watch my creative style grow since starting back creating 12x12 layouts. I am really loving how my personality and style is really starting to show through. Be prepared to see a lot more 12x12 layouts from me in the future. 

Thank you so much lovelies, I really do love and appreciate you support. I will be back tomorrow with another video!!

Thursday 1 September 2016


Hello lovelies and welcome to the very first of the HND BIRTHDAY MARATHON videos!! I am so excited to be bringing you a new video EVERYDAY for the entire month of September. It is going to be difficult, there will probably be tears, but there should hopefully be a heap of layouts and inspiration as well as fun, challenges and free downloads by the end of it!

Today, I thought I would bring you the first of four challenges this month! It is a sketch challenge with a sketch I have designed myself, inspired by quite a few floral wreath layouts I have been oogling on Pinterest. 

I just fell in love with the idea of a wreath layout. I love them so much I thought why not make it a challenge for not only myself, but for all of you beautiful people too. The Cocoa Vanilla Studio - Love Always collection is THE perfect collection for this kind of layout. All those beautiful florals in the ephemera and vellum shapes.. Do I need to say more?

They layout ended up being something completely adorable and different to what I normally do but also completely my style as well. I love the round circular design and I think I will definitely be trying this style of layout again very soon.

I started the layout by hand stitching a running stitch around the entire circle. I created the circle on the page by simply grabbing a kitchen plate and tracing around it with a white gel pen so that it wouldn't really show through. I decided to do a running stitch as opposed to the ever popular back stitch used on most layouts, to give the circle a lightness and air.

I am not the biggest fan of butterflies but I do love how in the CVS ephemera the butterflies are just simple black and white outlines. They are just the perfect touch to the very busy over floral layout. I even added a touch of dimension by only applying adhesive to the middle of the butterfly and then folding up the wings to look like the butterflies were just resting on the page, getting ready to take flight again at a moments notice. 

I just love how all the different floral elements, die cuts and ephemera bring such a life and dimension to this layout. It is so soft and light and lovely, just the perfect thing to celebrate my little niece Beth's first birthday. See how I created the video with the process video below. 

Don't forget to jump over to the HND Creatives group to keep up with everything for the marathon and more!! I would love to see you all over there. 

Love you guys, 
See you tomorrow with another video,