Tuesday 28 June 2016


So as most of you already know, already experienced, already met and enjoyed her company, the beautiful Elizabeth Kartchner came to visit Australia earlier this year for a Spotlight Tour to celebrate Spotlight Craft Month.

To say this woman is an absolutely beautiful person is an understatement!! She is so sweet and humble but you can just tell, how passionate she is about this beautiful craft we all share in common, and not to mention the incredible crazy side she hides so well!! When that camera comes out, my gosh she is a crazy one!! And for that alone, I am loving the adorable Elizabeth Kartchner. 

We had so much fun scrapping and using the beautiful papers and embellishments from her new collection Happy Place. Unfortunately for me, it is not often that I create anything of any substance from these meet and greets. I tend to socialise and watch everyone else create in wonderment. It seems that I get stage fright lol.

Not with photos though, I love it when I have a crazy friend to take silly photos with!! I had such an awesome time catching up with Miss Dear Lizzy and if you ever have the chance I HIGHLY recommend it!! She is so beautiful and I cant wait to catch up with her next time she is in Australia. 

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