Sunday 5 February 2017


Hey Lovelies, 

So! It has been a while since I have posted over here on the blog, or over on the youtube channel. January definitely was not my month and still felt like 2016 was biting into my life. I have already been to a family funeral, had a huge drop back in my paid work thanks to the holidays now being over, finished my time over at Felicity Jane and also denied a few other Creative Team positions. However, I still want to document the month, even if I didn't even fill out a week by week style for the month. I still managed to work with this beautiful month overview page. 

The insert I am using is the standard month overview that comes with most Kikki K planners. When you look at the planner page it really is quite plain and you really have no idea where to go with it. My first step is to always put in the days.. That way it gives you the shape and spaces where you can decorate. I then place in the important events with coordinating washi tape and by this stage I usually add a strip to the top and bottom as well. 

I always like to pop in my title (always the name of the month) and then choose a piece of paper I like to turn into an 'insert' 3x4 card for the middle of the page. This allows me a little extra creative space within the layout. Embellish and you are all done. 

Here is another little insert I added to my planner. I want to make my planner more of a memory planner as opposed to an actual functioning planner. So I tend to work backwards and love to add in as many photos as possible. This photo of my adorable Vinnie will be seen on another layout soon but I just had to include this double within my planner. 

Finally, I wanted to add in a little decorative page with some positive words of wisdom. I can get quite depressed and upset sometimes and I just need a few little positive words to push me through. This year is my year and I am going to make it so! 

Love you guys, have a beautiful week, 

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