Saturday 4 March 2017


Hey Lovelies,

So today I am sharing with you something a little exciting. I submitted two layouts to be considered for Jot Magazine Issue 17 - AND THEY WERE ACCEPTED!

You have no idea how amazed I am that they were accepted. I have always looked up to Jot Magazine and their creators as the pinnacle of scrapbook talent. Their beautiful clean style is just something that cant be beat and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be accepted onto the beautiful clean pages of one of their magazines.

The first of the layouts was for the magazines "Hearts" Theme. The idea was to use hearts and I just cant wait to see the variety of different layouts all using hearts in different ways. I decided for this layout to not make the hearts the focus of the layout. Just subtle hints to embellish my layout.. When I read the theme "Hearts" I ran straight to my stash and pulled out almost every heart I owned. I am surprised I was so restrained. 

The layout is another selfie layout but this photo is just a little special to me. This one was taken in our old house, exactly a year after we started renting it. The first day we got the keys, I sat down in the lounge room that would soon become the most awesome scrap space ever, and took a selfie. A year later I sat in the exact same spot and took a similar selfie. A very full circle moment for me. 

The layout of course really wasn't focused on that whole full circle feeling. The layout was more about loving myself, accepting myself for who I am and what I have become. Life might not always be how we imagined it, but it is what life had in store for us so basically there is nothing you can do but to embrace and make it work for you! I am completely absolutely my worst enemy. I am extremely hard on myself and this layout is just a little soft pretty layout to remind myself to embrace what I have and to love myself. 

Here you an see a close up of all the beautiful darling hearts on this page. I used a variety of hearts from DIY Shop stickers, to Freckled Fawn Puffies, to Crate Paper Heart Day and even some cuties from Crate Paper Cute Girl. I love the little scattering and the way they peek between the layers of my photos and layers. 

The last little detail I added to the page were these adorable tassels. They just matched in with the colours of the ribbons and lace perfectly and just made the most perfect little cluster of embellishments to even out the very right side heavy design. 

This is the second layout I submitted for Issue 17. This one is a little more difficult to explain. The theme for the section is "Not all heroes wear capes" and is part of their Story Telling section which enables creators to journal more on their layouts, to tell a story and not just create a pretty layout with pretty ephemera and a pretty photo.

The main focus for this layout is the relationship between Vinnie and Josh and how Vinnie looks up to Josh. Vinnie's father really isn't in his life much and because of that, Josh has kind of taken on the fatherly role, or at least he is the one man in his life that is constantly there for him. They share a really special bond and Vinnie is just at that stage in his life now that he wants to do everything Uncle Josh is doing. He even calls Josh Daddy and although we try to correct it, you cant help but smile with a full heart when you hear his little high pitched squeal when he sees Josh for the first time. 

This layout definitely did not start out this way. I was going to submit another layout for the "hearts" theme using a different colour palette. As soon as the title came together in my head, I just knew it would be perfect for the story teller theme. There isn't a lot of journalling on this layout, but I am going to be writing a fair bit on the back to document this beautiful moment in their lives. 

The majority of this layout is Maggie Holmes Gather and Crate Paper Cute Girl. I just love how the two some what feminine collections come together to still create quite a masculine feel to the page, despite all the hearts and doilies. 


If you would like to see more of these layouts, I do have a share video up on my youtube channel. I would love you to jump over there and check it out and leave a little love down below in the comments. 

Thanks so much for dropping by guys!! 
Love you all and Ill be back soon with another layout,

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