Sunday 5 January 2014

project life - week 5

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So the holiday season is finally over and we are marching straight through January and not looking back. I cant believe we are already 5 days into the new year. Its just insane. Hope everyone had a fantastic new year and are just as ready to tackle it as much as I am. 

After working 9 days straight after Christmas Day, I have finally had a couple of days up to catch up with life and organise myself. This afternoon I was able to do a little more scrapping and work on my 2013 Project Life album. In 2014 I am starting a brand new album and everything, even though I only started PL in September of 2013. I thought it would be nice to start off everything fresh and with designing of Polly! I thought it would be great to restart the year at Week 1!

Here is an overview of my Week 5 layout for 2013:

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Complete Layout

This week I decided that I would go for a more neutral base in terms of cards. I stuck to just plain grey and white. From there I selected two colours as well as a neutral kraft and cork colour to embellish my page. For some reason I feel like I have to prove to myself that I don't need to have pink on a page for it to be beautiful. The next layout I do will probably be a pink overload with all this holding back. For now.. I am kind of enjoying the neutrals and natural colours. It blends in really well with the orange tinged photos from our night out at Sushi Train.

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Left Side Layout

I have decided that in 2014 I need to get myself some mist spray and play with splattering them on some cards. My week 5 title card definitely needed some splatter on it and some of the others could have too to make them all fit in together. That's one of my scrapping goals! This week I also decided to cut back on embellishments and stickers on photos and let them breathe a little. I still had to do a few touches to them but I tried as hard as possible to leave them alone. 

 photo WEEK5PG2_zps5b26bf7d.jpg
Right Side Layout

This page is a little incomplete. I had ideas on what to do with it after I took these photos. On the bottom right card I intend to stamp the date in the white area to the left of the photo. I think that will just round out the card and make it a little more even. 

On the Sushi Date card I have used a really really old scrapbook embellishment from an old company known as Buzz and Bloom. I was on their DT before I decided to give up scrapbooking in around 2010 (not exact). They were an australian based company and at the time they were producing some pretty amazing stuff with coloured acrylic. When I was purging my stash, I knew these little chipboard tokens could be useful in PL and I am so happy I was able to use one on this layout!

How are your 2014 PL layouts coming along? I am yet to start actual layouts but I did work on a mini insert title page for my 2014 album. Cant wait to see what everyone creates in the new year!
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