Wednesday 8 January 2014

project life - week 6

 photo WEEK6OVERVIEW_zps29ee6c01.jpg
So another day, another layout it seems. I have really been putting my days off to good use and getting more and more up to date. I think in my 2013 album there are only about 15 weeks. I am now up to week 6 and wanting to get week 7 done today. So excited to get started on 2014. I have some great resources to use for the new album and I cant wait to share with you all!

For now, enjoy today's layout. Unlike last weeks layout, I needed to douse myself in pink and bright colours. I used the sunshine core kit majorly. I just love the bright pinks, yellows and greens! Anyway, here is an overview of Week 6.

 photo b6cd6ef7-4d2d-4ca8-b988-92f27e71524a_zpsbc5a9628.jpg
Complete Layout

Once again, I tried to make it less matchy matchy but still have a particular theme and colour combination. I don't know how much I like it but its still getting the memories down and thats all that matters. 2014 though, I want it to be perfect so I better get all the bugs worked out doing the rest of 2013. 

 photo 3d865a38-221d-4140-ad90-70bee0718bf4_zps351c1822.jpg
Left Side Layout

I am really in love with the middle four panels of this layout. Any photos of my nephew make me smile and i just love the cheery yellow and grey with a dash of teal. Who said you couldn't use pink bows on boys? I think it looks just as darling with a baby boy as it would with a baby girl. Now before you all jump on the "you don't look fat" wagon, just read this before you comment. I feel fat, even now. I feel in myself I am overweight and I need to lose weight. PL is about documenting MY life and if I feel fat I am going to be honest and PL about it. I don't listen to my boyfriend when he tells me I am not fat, so no matter of positive support is going to make me think other wise. I just need to toughen up and get back to the gym and stop eating chocolate.

 photo 6b021484-3273-4265-8f01-2f877909fc2f_zps249d6de0.jpg
Right Side Layout

Yes I know, I talk about being fat then on the same layout I PL about pizza and ice cream! I cant help it if all these emotions fall in the one week! Its not my fault I swear! That is the ups and downs of life and of course I have to document it all. These weeks (5,6 and 7) are all smaller photo weeks but I am surprised at how full my layouts still are. I have been managing to find enough visual to add to the layouts and of course my diary that I keep notes in has been helping to fill in the week in review cards. 

On this layout I really love the pink stripe card. Its just so pretty. You know how much I love pink. My favourite photo of course is the one of my beautiful Bella cat down the bottom. She was all so snuggly that day and I just loved using the big camera to capture those moments.

Anyways, thats all for now guys. Ill be back probably tonight sometime (if I don't fall asleep) with another layout. I hope at least. 
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