Sunday 4 September 2016


Hey lovelies, I am so so sorry this video is late today but hey! It is still Sunday so technically I haven't lost out on the video a day thing just yet. 

Sundays are going to be my Plan With Me days and each week I will bring you a new planner layout using the beautiful Felicity Jane Planner Inserts and whatever excess pretty things I have laying around my desk. I will try to change it up from week to week but I am pretty sure I have found a structure and layout that works best for me. So, lets get onto the pretty planner page for this week!!

Honestly girlies, if you have a Kikki K planner and are not happy with the inserts that come with it, you should seriously consider the Felicity Jane inserts. I have had this planner for almost a year and never really used it apart from the month overview pages. Now, these inserts were in my possession for about a month or so and only now have I realised just how awesome they are!!

On every planner page I do, I like to include a little insert, usually a 3x4 card to just add a little texture and interest to the page. This week I loved one of the cards from the cut apart sheet from the Pink Paislee - Take Me Away Collection by Paige Evans. I then added in this cute chipboard frame from the collections chipboard sticker sheet and just framed a photo I had left over from another layout I had done a week or so ago. No photo is ever wasted and even though it is the same photo over and over again, it is changed and adapted into so many different workspaces. 

I am just in love with these beautiful exclusive planner bow paper clips from Felicity Jane. The polka dot one is by far my favourite and I have been using it as a book mark to hold in place the week I am working on. I definitely have the blush pink bow clip in my sights and will be popping that one into my Felicity Jane shopping cart next month!

These pages take so much time and effort. Each little piece, little tab fitting in and balancing the other sections... It is quite an art form I am not quite proficient with but I am excited to see how my layouts and pages change from week to week. I hope you enjoy these new planner posts and of course, the process video below. 

Hope you are having a good Sunday lovelies, Ill be back tomorrow with another video!! I would love to see your planner pages over on the HND Creatives Group

Love you guys, 


  1. Looks gorgeous Nae! Now that you are using your planner more would love for you to do a review in a month or so about how you are finding it. Also are you using it to actually help you keep track of things or more to remember things in the future? x

  2. Wondered where you purchased the labels, I love them.