Monday 19 September 2016


Hey lovelies, well, after almost 10 days of complete sickness, I am BACK!! I hated being out of the electronic world for so long but I was so drained and just exhausted.. Even swallowing was difficult.. 

Oh well!! We are starting back with the HND Birthday Marathon TODAY! and to make it up to you all, the marathon will be running an extra week into October!! I thought I would kick today off with a beautiful Felicity Jane layout I had created for a blog post over on the FJ site but due to last minute changes I had to recreate my project!! You will see that one on Saturday. 

I really wanted to focus on the beautiful large wood veneers and vellum pieces for this layout. Those pieces in the kit were so lovely and I know some people would struggle with them simply because of their size. These babies are HUGE and will definitely make a statement on any layout you create. 

Unfortunately, you can only get these beautiful pieces in the Maggie kit, and to make matters worse, this kit was so popular it is no longer available in store. If you haven't got it already, I really do recommend subscribing, that way you wont miss out on the awesomeness in the future! These kits are my everything and I seriously am considering not buying any other scrap products for a while because these monthly kits give me EVERYTHING I need. - Who are we kidding though, seriously? Me on a spending freeze? Not going to happen. 

Another thing I am loving about Felicity Jane is the amazingly adorable flair buttons and I call them buttons because they are smaller than the traditional flair. They are included in every kit and are just beautiful to use. This one I have put in the middle of a flower as an accent piece on the bottom right hand side of the layout.

The title for this one was a  little different for me. Usually I don't title my layouts but this kit was full of so many beautiful words. I definitely had to bring out my Tanya Hubbard and create a lovely long title using all of these beautiful pieces. It doesn't really make sense, but in the end, thats how our relationship is, it doesn't always make sense but its always beautiful and fun.  

Thanks so much lovelies, 
Ill be back tomorrow with another video,
Love you all, 

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