Saturday 2 July 2016


Ok so noob blogger/vlogger fail here guys.. This is one of those layouts I filmed a heap on and took a lot of photos but ended up deleting half of them before I had put them up on my facebook stream.

So this post is going to be very short. It is the first of my beautiful Project Life Wedding Album layouts and I am so excited to start doing these and get my album complete. 

I want to get it finished by the end of the year, unfortunately it is July and I have only done four layouts.... 

Anyways, here is the first of the layouts for my wedding album. A miss match of beautiful pinks, woodgrains, whites and golds!! 

The layout is the first of three "girls getting ready" layouts. It was a lot of stress for me the day of the wedding but when I look back at these photos I see fun and joy and excitement with all the girls!! Thats what weddings are all about after all. But I can tell you, there were tears in my eyes more than once that morning and it wasn't from happiness. 

If you would like to see more of the layout, don't forget there is always a process video for you to oooh and ahh over!! 

Hope you enjoy girlies!! More blog posts to come for sure!!

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