Thursday 18 August 2016


Hey girls, I am back after an intentional break. This month has been super difficult for me with family constantly around, doctors and specialists appointments, tests, work, I have just really been struggling mentally and I just lost all motivation to do anything except sit and binge watch youtube... In saying that, I am back and ready to show off some of the pretty things I have been creating during my break.

Today I am busting into my Felicity Jane Happy Day kit by Suse Fish. I am in total love with this kit and love it more now that I am actually using the product. I just love how everything works together and the pinks and mints, along with that stunning periwinkle/cornflower blue is just divine!! Basically anything pastels at the moment has my heart. 

The kit is actually on sale at the moment, saving you almost six dollars!! Click the link above to the Felicity Jane site and secure your Happy Day kit before they are gone..

As always, I struggled with the title card. I even wondered if I needed a title card now that I am including PL in with my traditional scrapbook layouts. It turned out that it just looked more pleasing, using Design A page protectors, to have a 4x6 title card somewhere on the layout. In the end I loved layering all the little bits and pieces and adding in some of the pretty little printable flowers from the digital freebie we get every month to coordinate with the kits which gives you even MORE to play with!

I absolutely loved clustering all these printable embellishments on this layout. I added in a few labels, tiny word stickers and a cute leaf die cut that I got from a HND Happy Mail. I love how it looks like the tree of life, a family tree. The symbolising is beautiful and meaningful but still very decorative. 

I wanted to add the address of where the photoshoot was because it was such a special time for us. We had the photos taken on my parents farm, where we all grew up as kids. It holds so many amazing memories and we wanted to capture our family in the one place that meant the most to us, home. When you have 16 acres of land to wander and find those perfect locations, why not?

Finally, I know it doesn't show a lot of scrapping but I had to share this photo of my adorable Mum and Dad. These two are the ones responsible for my creativity people. They are two of the most hardworking, beautiful people in the world. They will give anything and everything for anyone. I am who I am today because of them and I just wanted to share this beautiful photo of them because gosh. 

I don't think they have had a professional photo taken since the mid 1990's. This was the main reason why we did the photoshoot for my family. My parents really have given us and still to this day, give us everything. They could never afford a professional shoot and so I wanted to include the entire family so that they have beautiful photos to hang on their walls. They live three hours away from all of the kids so sometimes its hard for them. These memories will always be with us now! 

Anyway girlies, thank you so much for hanging in and checking out this beautiful layout. I will be back on Saturday with the reverse side of this pretty layout!! Thanks again, I love you all. 

Love always, 

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