Sunday 7 August 2016


Have you seen it?

On Instagram? Facebook? The FJ Blog?

I still cant believe it!! 


I honestly could not believe it!!! Seriously? Me? I know a lot of you love my layouts and my videos but I seriously didn't think I had what it took to make it onto the FJ CT!! They are such an amazingly talented group of ladies and if there was ever a CT I wanted to be on, this was it!! Felicity Jane is such an amazing company, perfectly darling and share the same ideals in the creative industry as I do. 

It is, like we have discussed before, a match made in heaven. I love these kits with all my heart and being a subscriber before being selected on the team, you know that I genuinely love these products. I would never promote anything that I didn't like for the sake of free product. That is just not me. I am always 100% honest and open about my opinions on products and it is going to be the same when I am on this creative team!! 

There will be introductions for each of these amazing ladies over on the Felicity Jane blog at the end of the month. For now though I thought I would just leave links to all the fabulous lady's blogs so you can follow along and see what we all create in the next six months!

They are such talented ladies and I cant believe that I am up there amongst such amazing talent!!

As a special treat to celebrate joining the FJ team, I will be posting two videos today. The first is a little insight into what I did when applying for the FJ Creative Team and hopefully this will help you next time you are looking to apply for a creative team. I just feel there is such a "hush, hush" when it comes to our applications for creative teams, like its almost a test. I want to change that, I want to share with you and help anyone that is wanting to improve as a scrapbooker, a creative in this industry. Of course, I am no professional, I have a long way to go, but I hope with my little tips and tricks we can all grow together.

I have decided that I will post the other video on a new blog post because I have pretty pictures to share with that one! So stick around, that one will be up soon!! 
Thanks so much everyone for all the love, support, congratulations, the extra followers on Instagram and Youtube. I have appreciated each and every one of you the past few days and I just love having you all join me on this new adventure.

Love you all guys,

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