Saturday 13 August 2016


Hey girls, today is one of those posts I really didn't want to post. I hate when people only do hauls!! Back to back, it gets incredibly boring!! Show us what you make with the product!! Unfortunately I have had a pretty unproductive set of days but I can tell you now - TODAY IS SCRAPBOOKING DAY!! There will definitely be a few layouts coming to you in the next week of videos!

Today I want to share with you another beautiful collection this amazing lady has created to share with all of us! Her first line was absolutely amazing and this one is even more amazing!! It is completely different from Fancy Free! The colours are more subdued, more mature, but still have that carefree painted feel as well. I absolutely love this collection, even more now that it is in my pretty little hands. So let me introduce to you, 

Now like I said, Take Me Away didn't really WOW me online, in the videos, on the Sassy Scrapper store, but gosh when I got it in my hands, I just cant wait to use it and it is going to be the first collection I play with this morning!! Beautiful florals, lovely pastels and of course bouncing bows take center stage in this collection that really does bring out the girly girl in us all.

I was a bit surprised when I got the buttons in my new collection. They were like 3 times smaller than the ones from Fancy Free. I don't know what they decided to change up the size but I kinda feel a little mislead. I thought they would be a similar size but instead they are this super cute little teeny tiny size which works beautifully with the collection. I know why they made the change and still love them, but just feel a tad lost lol. 

The ephemera pack is absolutely beautiful. Ephemera packs are always the essential product when buying a collection and this one is no different. I am loving all the home living icons and bursting florals in this ephemera and I just cant wait to get my hands on it! Unfortunately it is on back order and I have to wait for it to come in. Hopefully I can grab one before they sell out because these babies go super fast!

Yes, give me all the colours. The papers in this collection are completely, 100% AHMAZING!! I just love all the soft pastels, the gemstones, the florals, the bows, the ombre, everything reminds me of unicorns, rainbows and magical maidens. Lady Lovely Locks is the first thing that comes to my mind. Does anyone remember her? Omg I used to love watching her!! Her magic rainbow hair and the pixie fairies!! Oh take me back to the 1980s please!

Finally, I wanted to show off the adorable roller stamp! This stamp is like nothing I have seen before and I just had to get it. Instead of a crap ton of words and phrases you just wont ever use, Paige has included motifs, shapes and other decorative patterns to her stamp. There are only two phrases and the rest are all decorative! I love this so much and wish more of these mini pattern stamps would come out. There are only so many "hello" phrase stamps we can purchase after all.

Let me know what your favourites are in the Take Me Away collection! I would love to hear what you think,

Love you girls,

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