Sunday 7 August 2016


Hey girlies, this blog post is another late one, I am so so so sorry for this but today I am sharing the close ups of the 12x12 flip I made and the process video I shared yesterday!!

This one was a little different for me though. I worked with a baby blue, navy and gold theme for this one. I really wanted to use up the last of my Felicity Jane Next Stop kit, but believe it or not I still have MORE left over!! May have to create another Happy Mail with it soon!! I love sharing my last little pieces of Felicity Jane goodness with you guys. I love giving you that little taste of these amazing kits!!

This flips are so great because they are basically cut from one 12x12 full sheet of scrapbook paper. All you need to do is cut a 3x4 piece from each corner and then fold like in the above diagram. As an added extra, I attached two of the excess 3x4 cards onto the sides to provide an extra flip to this letter, but you don't have to do that one. Basically if you follow the diagram above, and the video below, you should easily understand how to create this basic template and from there, explore and individualise it to make it your own. 

Creating Happy Mail and other little embellishments have been great for using those little embellishments from kits that I probably wouldn't normally use on a layout. Like this wood veneer. I love the beautiful script that is etched into this one but I just couldn't make it work on my layouts. On my pocket letters, it works perfectly!! I love it and the best part is, I can share it with one of my crafty friends over on the HND Happy Mail group! 

A current trend of mine that I am loving are wreaths, banners and making circular patterns on my happy mail covers. I really am not a circle person when it comes to design. I prefer a more straight line, but I have noticed lately that I am experimenting more and that is so awesome!! Really loving this cover on the happy mail. I have been wanting to use this banner for so long and finally a blue theme where I can use it! SUCCESS!! 

There it is! I just love how this happy mail turned out!! I am so excited to share it with someone special in the HNDHM group and if you would like to join, just click the link above to start sharing happy mail with all the lovely ladies from around the world!!

Thanks so much guys,
Love you all,

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