Sunday 7 August 2016


Hey girls, the second video I am posting today is the actual Creative Team entry video I made for the application. I don't know how many people actually create videos for their CT entires, if anyone does, but for me, creating youtube videos and process videos are my passion.

I absolutely loved making this travellers notebook and inside, all the questions that were required for the Creative Team entry, as well as some pretty pictures. It was my first time using a Felicity Jane kit, just getting it in the mail the week before. I decided, instead of just using paper I love, why not use the actual product and prove the diversity this product really has. It is all about catering to what your company you are applying for wants to see, what you will be able to do for them during your creative team period. Get creative and don't forget to have fun with it. 

I started with very clean simple styles of pages. Letting the white space work for me. I just love how the little doodle bug doilies work on the travellers notebook pages. Oh yeah, the cover of this notebook was not doing it for me, so I decided to rip off the cover and use some of the beautiful tissue paper the kits come in as the cover. It was a little transparent but still gave a nice covered look to the notebook. 

The next page, another nice clean and simple layout with a picture of myself, my personal details and a little embellishment cluster. 

Heaven forbid I even tried to use stamps with my horribly dried up Stazon Ink!! I was so annoyed but couldn't go back after stamping... Fail, but oh well, being creative is about having those little fails and working through them. In the end I found that the imperfect stamping actually added some texture to what was quite a clean page. 

Another one of the pages was to share your creative likes, your style. So instead of just writing or explaining what my style was like, I decided to show it off in this journal and particularly on this page. I played with pinks, blacks, white and of course GOLD!! I used products I love and always go to and of course threw in that Heynaedaily GLAM!

Another one of the pages I found to be quite interesting was this one. The question was to share your creative history and for me, I didn't have a HUGE creative history apart from scrapping for myself, my youtube channel and working at The Scrappery for a year and a half. There wasn't a lot to really write about so instead I decided to turn this page into a mini time line with layers and clusters of cute embellishments. 

I love sharing my processes, my thoughts, feelings, everything and I just love the community we have on youtube. In saying that, you don't have to create a video to get on a creative team, the idea I am trying to get across is that you don't have to just submit answers, pictures and words. It is a creative industry, try and be creative with your applications and find something that works for you and shows off your strengths!! That is the key in all of this!

Love you all girlies, 
Thanks so much once again, 

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