Friday 22 July 2016


Omg, what a horrific last couple of days I have had. Firstly, I want to apologise for my lateness in this blog post, the Facebook posts and of course the process video. I usually post every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday but yesterday just got away from me with a heap more (paid) work and unexpected late nights waiting for customers to finish shopping (thirty minutes after close) as well as horrible internet speeds on Wednesday night!! It was just one excuse after the other and I was getting so frustrated with the entire thing. 

Thursday's layout, I decided to use the Felicity Jane, Next Stop Kit to create a beautiful 12x12 PL spread documenting our family photoshoot for my husbands side of the family. It was a beautiful day walking through green fields, old dirt roads and railway tracks. The photos are just beautiful and too many to just do one photo per layout. Project Life style spreads are perfect for these occasions. 

The title of the layout is 1405 and that was the date of the photoshoot. It was actually my brothers birthday and I felt horrible that we were three hours away taking photos but he is one of those guys that doesn't really mind and wasn't celebrating his birthday. Still I felt bad. Anyways, wipe away the tears, the day was so much fun and made even better with the fact that I got to spend the afternoon with my favourite photographer Sarah from Bye Bye Blackbird Photography!

Sarah and I became friends when I first found her for my engagement and wedding photos!! From there, the more time we spent together, our friendship grew with our common ground love for beautiful photos!! She has inspired me to push forward with my photography and actually focus on studying to become a photographer myself. I am super excited about this future goal and cant wait to share more with you. 

Our colour combination for clothing for the photoshoot was vintage, rustic, reds and blacks, denims and real autumnal tones. The papers and colours from the Felicity Jane, Next Stop Kit was just the perfect match for our photos. Nice bright reds to make the photos really pop as well as those beautiful clean whites to even out all the photos going on in the spread. 

I loved using the florals and fussy cutting the floral pieces from the main floral paper in the kit to use as embellishments on layouts and of course this spread. The spray of flowers just makes what was quite a wintery day in Australia, bright and sunny and summery spring like!! I am a huge believer in not scrapping to a particular theme or time despite when the photos were taken. Use what you love to embellish your layouts and you will enjoy them all the more when you look back on them. 

 I just love the patchwork look this layout ended up having. The photos, although only a few of the photos from the shoot, do show a nice variety of the different family groupings in my husbands side of the family. I absolutely love the photo of Josh and his brothers... It just makes me smile every time I look at it. I also love the photo of Josh and I with out nephew and niece... A piece of my heart breaks when I see just how perfect our life could be with a little one or two. One day, I hope, they will be our kids in the photos with us.

Gosh this blog post has been depressing, hasn't it?

Oh well, how about a process video to brighten your Friday night, TGIF,

Love you all,

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