Saturday 16 July 2016


Hey girlies,

So today I am showing off a little Happy Mail, but it is not my usual HND HAPPY MAIL for a special someone in my group. It is actually fan mail for my one and only, the most amazing, most genuine, talented and super lovely girl, Delta Goodrem. She is an amazing singer and has been a source of strength and empowerment for me since I was in my late teens.

For half of my life I have been dying to meet her and the other week, was finally my time!! I thought to myself, I have been waiting this long, I am not just going to go in and say "Hi", I wanted to write a letter letting her know just how much she has meant to me and of course, I couldn't just write a letter, I had to "make" a letter!!

I wanted to keep the letter dark, black and whites and very moody. Her new album cover is a black and white photo and very animalistic. I absolutely love it and this woman just gets more stunning every time I see a photo of her (#ladycrush). The album name is Wings of the Wild and I decided to make that the them for this fan mail. 

If you haven't heard of Delta, or ever given her music a listen, I strongly suggest you do. She is a fabulous pianist, singer, songwriter, guitar player and this album she also includes an American Rapper and a choir!! Really pretty and like I said before, empowering stuff!

So as you will see in the process video, for this pocket letter I decided to take inspiration from Sabrina Ann on Youtube and her File Flip Folder. She has amazing happy mail tutorials, process videos, shares and more so it is definitely worth the look see and don't forget to tell her I sent you there!! Essentially a file flip folder  is an old school accordion file folder that you can store photos, letters, goodies and more! 

For my first main card I wanted to do an introduction, a hello card to show her who I was, where I lived, who was special in my life. It is one thing to gush all the love in the world to your idol but it is also important to remember they want to know just as much about you as they do about how awesome their music is (did that come out right?). I used my forever favourite Instagram, Youtube profile pic and embellished with a few cute leaf die cuts and a doily of course!

I wanted to include a few little extra bits and pieces in this letter, not just letters and I am pretty positive Delta wouldn't really appreciate a folder full of ephemera and washi tape (there are people out there like that, shocking I know), So I wanted to include some cute Jamberry wraps. These two sets are in a leopard print and a butterfly wing, together they are wings of the wild and I just love that combination. I think I will be getting those when I go to her concert in November!!

I have so much of this gold foil tiny stripe paper I just had to use it as a focal point of this happy mail. I actually forgot I had so much of it (left over from my wedding). For this one, I just made a simple little card with a doily flipped over the top and a few little embellishments including the stunning gold mirror ampersand from the Pink Paislee Ces't La Vie collection.

What is happy mail without some cute envelopes right? I made this little cutie out of some tiny polka dot paper and a little gold die cut bow I made. I also made a matching 6x4 PL card for another little letter or love. I really wanted to mix up the sizes and the textures peeking out of the pockets. I like making my happy mail and letters interactive and a little journey to go on so I will always change things up and not make them so uniform in appearance. 

Finally, here is another pretty envelope I made and a pretty picture of my nails!! I loved this Butterfly Kisses manicure with my Jamberry wraps. If you would like to check out more awesome Jamberry goodness click the link above and go over and check out my store!! Beware, you will see some nail appreciation posts over here on the blog from time to time.. So get ready for them!


Finally, I just wanted to add in a little photo from the day I met the amazing Delta Goodrem. I was beside myself and cried like a silly old lady but I didn't care. I had waited so long to meet her and I couldn't believe the day had finally come!!


Thanks so much guys, 
I hope you enjoyed that little blog post. 
Love you all, 

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