Sunday 3 July 2016


Hey girlies,

So if you know me, I am quite a product snob. I like my American Crafts, my Pink Paislee and all of that beautiful Crate Paper. To be honest, when the whole "DIY Embellishment" craze came around, I was not impressed. The results I was seeing were not desirable to me at all and they weren't just giving me the polished look I like to see in my products.

Well, time has passed and believe it or not with all this free time, scrappers have found ways to create embellishments just as amazing as those sold by the big distributors. And I have finally jumped on the band wagon.

So yeah, I may have just started a DIY Embellishment Youtube Series. Mind you, there is only one video so far.. I do have another one sitting on my desk waiting to be filmed.

My first DIY is tassels!!! I am a HUGE lover of tassels on projects!! I love how they look and are super super easy to make. I actually remembered while making these babies that I used to make tassels all the time as a young crafter.. When I would make my pom poms, I would make tassels with the left over yarn.

The best thing about this tutorial is that the materials are SUPER DOOPER cheap!! All you really need is some embroidery thread and some gold jewellery split rings. You don't even really need the split rings!! If you want to add a little extra bling to these babies its great to add a little extra gold thread but you can totally just use the same colour thread as you make the tassel from.

The embroidery threads I got were Semco Embroidery skenes from Spotlight. They have an amazing deal where you can get 12 for $5 or something like that.. I cant remember the exact deal but it was super super cheap. I picked a wide range of colours and each skene of thread will make 5 tassels!! Making them even cheaper again.

I just loved how they turned out and will continue to making these awesome tassels for HND HappyMail and even for my own personal scrapbooking.

Even the amazing Suse Fish blamed me for her tassel addiction. They are just so beautiful and the perfect addition to any page, planner or happy mail!! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog today guys!! I will be back soon with more updates, catch ups and hopefully some fresh posts and projects soon. 

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