Sunday 17 July 2016


Hey lovelies,
Im back again today with ANOTHER 12x12 layout!! I am just loving the 12x12 size at the moment and really having the room to move and create!! Today I am playing with my Felicity Jane Next Stop Kit (still available) for June. I need to get through this kit and create with it before I am stunned and carried away with all the gorgeousness of the Happy Days Kit that is on a plane coming straight for me and hopefully in my hands next week.

I had so much fun playing with the tones of pink, black and white with the beautiful florals that always feature so beautifully in the Felicity Jane kits. I just love how all the layers came together for this one. I didn't know I could layer like this, until Felicity Jane.  

This little terror is my first baby Mini (Miniature). She is a darling little cat (she is like kitten size at an adult age) and she is just so dainty and quiet (sometimes) and just such a little lady. She eats with her hands, pulling food out of her bowl and bringing it to her mouth. She is happy to sleep alone on a warm blanket even if Pipa (Pipsqueak), our other fur baby is nestled in on my lap soaking up all the attention. She is just the perfect little lady, until this one morning.... 

I woke up to find my light pink crepe paper roll untangled and scattered in an unravelled mess upon the entryway tiles. In the mess and the disbelief that the girls had had a party while we were asleep that night, I had to take a photo. It was beautiful, a beautiful mess. Mother scrappers take photos of their children in messes and scrap them, I don't have that, I have my kitties. 

This is probably my favourite part of the entire layout. I am really enjoying not having BIG titles on my layouts, more of an accent or not even a title at all. Its hard for me. I am a lover of the shiny Thickers and love using them in my project life, but for some reason on layouts I prefer to keep it simple. I layered a heap of different pieces for this cluster, paper, die cuts, wood veneer, labels, it just all layers so nicely and I just love it so much. 

I am not a fussy cutter. I actually despise fussy cutting. I always look on at others who cut out for their layouts and making it look all pretty. Every time I cut something out it always leaves a horrible raised, rough cut edge. I hated it and just never really gave it a chance. FINALLY I have figured it all out. Being left handed, using right handed scissors, theres the problem. You have to cut anti clock wise on your cut outs to get that nice clean and smooth edge. 

Finally, I just love the little accent strip at the top of the page, it just grounds everything and keeps the large cluster of layers and photos contained to the page. I love the little floral and how the black word sticker really highlights everything. Black as a highlighter, who would have thought? 

"That was awesome" also makes me laugh. I am a very sarcastic being but it doesn't usually translate to my layouts all too often. This layout is screaming sarcasm and humour with its cute little tags and phrases. I love how its playful and fun without being themey and clashing in colours.

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