Sunday 24 July 2016


Hey girlies, I am back with a super quick, super easy Project Life process video today using the stunning Felicity Jane - Next Stop Kit for June. 

How much did you LOVE! the Happy Day Kit yesterday? Did I have you running to the store to purchase it? I would love to see what you create with it if you do!

I love how the entire layout worked out. The photos are quite heavy and dark but with the help of a few beautiful white and bright cards from the kit, I was able to really brighten and lighten the entire feel of the layout. I also minimised the amount of embellishments I added to cards as there was already so much going on in the photos. There were so many textures and patterns, it would have been too overwhelming for your eyes if I embellished how I normally would. 

I love that I have been using different types of embellishments more. Flair badges, banners, word stickers... Usually somethings I hardly ever use but they are just so delectable in these kits, they trick me into using them lol. Felicity Jane even has me using BLUE!! I am not a blue person but this shade of blue is just perfect!! It is not quite mint, but it is just the most beautiful sea blue ever!!

I absolutely can NOT get enough of this darling floral paper. I use it on absolutely everything. I think that is what made the red and green colour scheme really work for me. I can do anything with a pretty floral. This time I used the 4x6 piece I originally cut for the opposite side spread from Thursday's post and never actually used. I also used another little fussy cut floral to follow through the design across the page. 

I wanted to record our road trips, 3 hours south down to our hometown, Grafton NSW, to visit Josh's family. My family visits us every second week so it is really Josh's family we go down to visit. We have so much fun on our little road trips but it is almost impossible to get selfies or photos of Josh unless I pay for a professional photographer and he just "deals" with it. 

Hope you enjoy that project life layout girls.. very simple, very clean and I am just loving the new style and approach I am taking with these kits.. 

What do you think?
Let me know in the comments below. 
Love you guys, 

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