Thursday 28 July 2016


Ok, so I don't know what it is with Thursdays, but my computer just doesnt seem to like the internet of Wednesday nights, or Thursdays. The last two weeks I have struggled to get a video uploaded by the 9am deadline I set for myself every posting day (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) and I am 100% sorry my beautiful readers and subscribers. 

Its the end of the month and you know what that means...... 


I love getting all of your letters, reading your stories and oogling over all the pretties that you took so much time creating just for me... It means the world to me and really does brighten my week when I get to open all these lovelies!!

I feel horrible because I have not return sent any letters from last months HND Happy Mail opening, but I promise I will definitely get there!! Its just going to take some time and with health/fertility issues, unfortunately that is taking the priority at the moment.. 

Hopefully we will get that all sorted though and by the end of the year I will be able to let you all know some good news.. (fingers crossed).

Just look at all the beautiful pretties these girls have sent me this month!! This bundle of pretty ribbons, sequin trim and resin flowers came from the beautiful Miriam, who I sent a pocket letter to a month or so ago. She is just darling and as a Stampin' Up demonstrator, sent me some beautiful pretties I had never seen before. I love them so much and I think she may have me hooked on their embellishments!

These stunning cards and tags were from the love Chrissi and Lydia!! I just love seeing my name in Thickers, its just not something you do yourself and is so warming when you see beautiful little gifts and tags like this!! I have them all hanging on a little cork board in my scrap space, I will have to share them with you sometime. 

I absolutely love this gold bike from Miriam's pocket letter. Matched with the adorable mint strip card, it is just so pretty and fresh and has me all excited for spring in September. We really didn't have much of a winter here on the Gold Coast this year, but I am always looking forward to spring!! Its my favourite time of the year! The wood veneer were so adorable and from Stampin' Up too!! I definitely need more of those babies!!

I am a complete sucker for pretty little envelopes but GOLD envelopes I just fall head over heels for. This stunning little letter envelope I found in Lydia's pocket letter she sent me. Look at those adorable XOXO and embellishment cluster. It is just so pretty and I love it so so much. I really do appreciate all the beautiful, strong, empowering and supporting letters you all send me. They mean so much to me and I treasure them all with my heart. 

The last little photo I have for you is actually the back of the little flip book card that Chrissi sent me. I really do love the saying on the back and really does emphasise what our HND Happy Mail group is all about. "Make a difference and throw kindness around like confetti". It is all about sharing the love and kindness, there isn't enough of it in the world, even within our industry of beautiful empowering women, I feel there is a huge egocentric behaviour that we all get dragged into. I love that with happy mail you can send the love, share it, meet new people and for a split second in your creative week focus on someone else other than yourself. 

If you would love to throw kindness around like confetti, we would love you to join our ever growing group of creatives over in the HND Happy Mail group!! I would love to see you over there!!

Love you guys, 

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