Wednesday 6 July 2016


Hey girls, so today I am finally opening all of those beautiful pieces of HND Happy Mail that have been sitting in my Expedit for the last month. I have been beyond excited to open all the pretty envelopes and show you all just the amount of beautiful talent we have in our HND Happy Mail group.

If you are not aware of what HND Happy Mail is, it is a group of beautiful ladies that I have created on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join. Anyone that loves sending pretty mail to others around the world and making new friends. There are no deadlines, no assigned partners, no minimum to create, no nothing. It is all free range and surprises for everyone involved as we have no idea who is getting what and at any time. We have expanded to almost 100 members and I am so in love with all the pretty things the girls are creating. We would love to see you there, just click the links above.

Here are a few of the lovely letters that the girls all created for me. I was just so impressed with the amount of love and effort each one of them put into creating letters just for me. You can search "happy mail" on youtube and find a whole host of girls swapping happy mail and it is all very inspiring and motivating. I love constantly searching youtube for new ideas... The entire process is just so much fun!!

Some of the girls are super talented with stamping and colouring. This beautiful Happy Mail made me want to rush out and buy as many Copic Markers as I could... I still want to and as soon as I have some spare money, I think thats just what I will be doing!! I have always loved Copics but just never could really justify the cost, seeing these beautiful images justifies it enough for me.

Some girls are scrapbookers and use scrapbooking products like project life cards to make little letters and flips (like in my flip books). I just love all the bright colours in this pocket letter. It is so adorable and all the pretty butterflies (I am kinda on a butterfly kick at the moment, I don't know why). 

And then some ladies like to make cards. I received this beautiful shaker card and a small little bundle of handmade embellishments and this made my day just as much as getting big intricate mails. I love getting special little things, things people have made with me in mind. It warms my heart to think that I have been in someones mind, someones heart, if only for a small moment in time. I really do appreciate all the thought everyone puts into these mails. 

If you would like to join our happy mail of HND Happy Mail, please feel free to click on any of the links on this post and it will take you straight to the group. We would love to meet you and get to know you and send you some beautifully pretty happy mail!

Love you guys, 

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