Tuesday 5 July 2016


Hey girls, Im back with another Project Life Wedding Layout video. I am really enjoying not doing Project Life but still using the system to document life events with a large quantity of photos. I think this will be the method I will be taking on for the future. I love creating PL spreads, but I am also enjoying layouts and I think PL is a great process for large amounts of photos.

Here is a full shot of the layout. As you can see I really tried to stick to just white and gold with a hint of pink. I didn't really realise until looking at this photo right now, just how many of the pink stickers line up.. It kinda annoys me now. At least it draws your eye across the page right?

This layout is all about me!! I wanted to do a page just about myself getting ready and really focus on the photos of myself because lets face it, the wedding is always about the bride. For this layout I really wanted to try simple, clean, white on white, Suse Fish style Project Life layout, but as you can see from the above card, its far from Suse worthy.. It is full of layers and bling and doilies, and I am ok with it in the end lol.

Don't you just love this title card? It is so lush and sparkly, glammed up to the nines. The white script darling really reminds me of a barbie doll and believe it or not, on my wedding day I really did feel beautiful!

I did a lot of light pink flowers and clustering on this page.. I didnt want to over power the photos, but more let the cards be the embellishments. I wanted the photos to be a little more pure but still have that HND vibe that most of my Wedding Project Life layouts have.

 I love being able to cluster and embellish and I found it super challenging to try and hold back on this one... This is my attempt at holding back, clean and simple. Its a bit of a joke but I still really like how this layout turned out.

Love you guys,

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