Tuesday 5 July 2016


Hey girls remember that post where I showed off a few pictures of my Meet and Greet with the beautiful Dear Lizzy, Elizabeth Kartchner? Well guess what? I also got her signature and on a canvas as well!! So today I am going to show you what I ended up doing with the canvas and throw in a little process video as well.

When you first look at it Im sure you are like "whoa Nae"... LOL its ok, I just went a little cray cray over this one. Basically what I did was I gathered all of my left over Dear Lizzy Embellishments from a HUGE quantity of her collections and decided to strategically (yes it was quite strategic) place them all around the outside of the canvas to make like a messy frame. 

I printed off one of the crazier photos from our photo session and decided to frame it with some embellishments as well. I love how it just all works into the frame seamlessly. 

On both the top and bottom I added a bright neon pink pom pom garland just to brighten everything up and have it looking super cute. Hope you enjoyed that little look at something a little bit different (and definitely chaotic) for me. 

Love you guys,

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