Wednesday 6 July 2016


I have been scrapbooking for a long time, as a young 20 something I would always read these posts on forums (yes thats how long ago it was, FORUMS) and these wives hiding hauls and kits and the cost from their hubbies. I would always laugh and think "Im so glad I don't have that problem", well, now I do. 

Felicity Jane Kits are just a bundle of sunshine and joy in a box. Seriously, they are just a delight. I have never subscribed to a kit club (funny considering I owned a kit club for just over a year) and I never got that thrill of seeing the release, the excitement when your box shipped, the anticipation when the box arrived on your doorstop, and the anxiousness as you burst open those 12x12 plastic covers and check out all the paper, already forming ideas of what you are going to create with the wonder within. 

Lets just say Felicity Jane is even MORE than all of that. It is just the most wonderful experience and with a box like this, I am sure you can see why. The beautiful black ribbon that ties around a bold black polka dot tissue paper. It is like opening a (very expensive) present you have bought for yourself. 

This is what I have to hide from my husband. 

Usually I would not worry, he is very forward with embracing my creativity and what makes me happy, my youtube and my craft. However, Felicity Jane is quite an expense and he just wouldn't understand and I can just hear him saying "Well cant you just buy that from Spotlight?" NO babe I cant just buy it from Spotlight. Thats not how it works. 

It also doesn't help that the week my kit arrived, my first kit, Hubby lost his full time job. It was heart breaking, I have never seen a persons dreams smashed, until that day. But good news is he is back on his feet and doing amazing things working from home!!

For those of you that don't know, Felicity Jane is an amazingly wonderful kit club that specialises and majorly exclusive product that you can only get from her store. There are a few mainstream company products thrown in sometimes, but oh my gosh, these kits are worth the cost! For me, here in Australia, the kits work out to be around $70 a month with postage. Jeana (the owner of Felicity Jane) has some great options for shipping and allows you to ship with a friend or to ship two kits in a month (every second month). There are a whole host of other exclusives that you can add on in the shop as well. It is just all so pretty!!

I was more than excited when my first box arrived in June and I am sitting back, waiting for the July kits to ship... Only a few more days to go.. I really need to crack into my June kit and create a few layouts before the next kit arrives. For now, enjoy the little Kit Haul I have below on the HND channel. It goes through all the beautiful pieces in the kit!!

Let me know what you like about Felicity Jane? Are you a subscriber? Do you want to be? If you want to be, you so totally should!! You will not regret it!!

Love you guys, 

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